Public Testimony Policy

Public Testimony at Regular Meetings of the TWU Board of Regents

At the August 26, 2005 meeting of the Board of Regents of the Texas Woman's University, a motion was approved:

It is the policy of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents (‘Board”) to allow the public to present, for a reasonable amount of time and for any item on the agenda, oral and/or written testimony at a regular meeting of the Board, under the following conditions, which are determined by the Board to be reasonable:

  1. Requests to Address the Board:  This policy relating to public testimony is applicable to regular (quarterly) meetings of the Board.  Requests to appear before the Board to make comments on a specific agenda item must be received by the Secretary to the Board in writing no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the Board meeting at which the individual wishes to speak.  In making a request to appear before the Board, individuals must identify the specific Board agenda item to be addressed and give their names, addresses, any relevant title or affiliation, and whether they are presenting for or against the item.
  2. Time Allocation:  The Board will allow up to ten (10) speakers for public comment per agenda item. An individual speaker will be permitted three (3) minutes for a presentation on an agenda item and will be allowed to speak only once on the item.  Time not used will not be allocated to another speaker or for another item.  The Board will allow a total of up to twenty-five (25) speakers for public comments per regular meeting. Copies of written testimony for distribution to the Board of Regents, not to exceed two (2) pages in length double-spaced, in size 12 font or larger, will be accepted if received by the Secretary to the Board of Regents no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the beginning of the regular Board meeting in question. The limits in the number and order of written testimonies to be considered will be the same as is set out for speakers.  Public comments will take place during the scheduled public comment period at the beginning of each regular meeting.
  3. Other Meetings: While a specific period for public testimony will be limited to the regular (quarterly) meetings, written comments are welcome for any other scheduled meeting of the Board. Forward one copy of your comments to the Chancellor for distribution to the Regents.
  4. Scheduling of Speakers: Generally, requests to speak will be approved based on the order in which the written request was received by the Secretary to the Board.  However, if the number of proposed speakers is such that they all will not be allowed to speak pursuant to the above policy, one (1) speaker will be permitted to speak for and one (1) against on each item on the agenda, provided that the total number of speakers presenting does not exceed twenty-five (25).
  5. Special Appearances as Requested by the Board Chair or Chancellor:  The Chair/Presiding Officer of the Board or the Chancellor may invite individuals to appear before the Board at any Board meeting for specific purposes without the necessity of complying with the requirements set forth above.

This policy is effective October 1, 2005.

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