Coursework at the ME, MEd, or PhD (with advisor approval) levels can qualify you to take the All-Level K-12 Reading Specialist Certification exam. Two certificates are available if you have completed a graduate degree at TWU.

Texas All-Level (K-12) Reading Specialist Certificate

If you want to take the Texas All-Level (K-12) Reading Specialist Certification exam upon completion of your M.Ed. program of study, you MUST complete the TWU EPP Graduate Professional Certification Application prior to beginning coursework.

Reading Specialist certification requires two years of teaching experience. Passing this exam allows you to apply for the Master Reading Teacher Certification without taking an additional TExES test.

For more information, visit the Graduate Catalog.

Texas Master Reading Teacher Certificate

If you hold a master's degree and have at least three years teaching experience you have the option to apply for the Master Reading Teacher certification by taking 18 semester credit hours from the following available courses:

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Course CodeCourse Name
READ 5423 Literacy: Practice to Theory OR 
READ 5533  Foundations of Early Literacy 
READ 5443  Literacy Assessment and Instruction OR 
READ 5473  Early Detection in Reading (Reading Recovery teachers)
READ 5523  Supervision in the Teaching of Reading OR
READ 6663  Practicum (Reading Recovery teacher leaders)
READ 5463 Practicum in Literacy: Analysis of Teaching and Mentoring
READ 5503 Phonological/Orthographic Language Systems in Literacy Learning
READ 5513 Reading for Diverse Learners

For more information on the certificate and its requirements see the Graduate Catalog.

Other Certificates

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