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Jimmy Ishee; Chair

Michael Stankey; Academic Affairs Admin

Gay James; College of Health Sciences Admin

Sarah McIntire; College of Arts & Sciences Admin

Stephanie Woods; College of Nursing Admin, Dallas

Larry LeFlore; College of Professional Education Admin

Mary Thompson; College of Health Sciences, Dallas

Patricia Bowyer; College of Health Sciences, Houston

Kim Miloch; College of Health Sciences

Loretta Albright; College of Professional Education

Karen Dunlap; College of Professional Education

Katherine Rose; College of Professional Education

Garry Evans; College of Arts & Sciences

Jan Foster; College of Nursing, Houston

Donna Scott-Tilley; College of Nursing

Lynda Murphy; Distance Education

Abigail Tilton; College of Arts & Sciences

Mari Tietze; College of Nursing

AnaLouise Keating; College of Arts & Sciences

Sheri Dragoo; College of Arts & Sciences

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