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Academic Unit Leaders,

The Program Prioritization Committee is requesting your assistance in the data collection stage of the program prioritization process.  The Committee has worked to simplify the data collection process for the academic leaders.  Accordingly you will find three files attached to this letter.  The attached files include the Program Prioritization Criterion, the Criterion Rubric, and the Data Collection Form.

The Program Prioritization Criterion file and the Criterion Rubric file are for your information.  The Program Prioritization Criterion identifies the ten Criterion, the measures used for analysis, the level of analysis, and the source for the information.  Whereas, the Criterion Rubric includes how the measure for each Criterion will be evaluated.

The Data Collection Form is for you to open and respond to the questions.  You will need to complete one Data Collection Form for each degree program in your academic unit.  Obviously, degree programs can be at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Some of the information requested will be at the academic unit level.  That information will be the same for all degrees in your department.  You may complete the Data Collection Form on-line or enter the information in another application and upload your responses.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Dr. Stankey will also be available to respond to questions about the data he is collecting. 

Thank you for all your efforts,

Jimmy H. Ishee, Chair
Program Prioritization Committee

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