Travel Process

Travel expenses incurred by employees and prospective employees of Texas Woman’s University while traveling for official University business are considered reimbursable. The traveler will pay for all expenses with personal funds during travel. Travel advances are not available. Travel expenses, including any transportation costs, meals, lodging, and incidental expenses, will be reimbursed when the traveler files a travel voucher documenting all reimbursable expenses.

Official Business

All official travel must be for the use and benefit of the mission of the University. State law specifies that travel expenses may be reimbursed only when the purpose of travel is clearly for the conduct of the State’s official business and in consonance with the legal responsibilities of the agency of the state represented.

Social functions are not considered official business.

When an employee travels on official business he/she is expected to comply with applicable laws and policies and ensure that each travel arrangement is the most cost effective. To reduce travel costs for state agencies, the State of Texas has established the State Travel Management Program (STMP). The STMP has negotiated contracts for travel services, such as state contracted lodging rates, rental car rates, and airline rates. Travelers must use these contracted services when available.

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