Travel FAQs

Where do I find the maximum allowable rates for meals and lodging?

What if my destination city is not listed there?

For cities not specifically listed, travelers will use the following rates:

  • In State: $94 maximum for lodging and $55 maximum for meals
  • Out of State: $94 maximum for lodging and $55 maximum for meals

Which taxes are reimbursable for travel expenses?

The ONLY tax that is NOT reimbursed is state hotel tax for hotel stays in Texas. All other taxes will be reimbursed.

Are baggage fees reimbursable?

Yes. The fee for one (1) bag each way is reimbursable.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Fill out the Direct Deposit form and email it to 

When using the Air Card, what is our billing address?

Your departmental PO Box address.

5500 Southwestern Medical Ave., Dallas, TX 75235

6700 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030-2343

Page last updated 4:32 PM, May 6, 2019