Student and Group Travel

Student Travel

State funds CANNOT be used to pay travel expenses of students incurred in attending meetings or conferences. Neither can such funds be used to pay travel expenses of an employee of the University if the only justification is that of accompanying or sponsoring students or in furnishing transportation for them.

Regardless of the types of travel, proposals for student travel must:

  • Acquire approval by the Department head/Director prior to making any travel arrangements
  • Comply with the same dollar amount limits set for TWU employees

If students are also employees of TWU, then the purpose of the trip will determine if the individual should follow reimbursement guidelines set for employees or for students.

Individual Student Travel

Applicable to students traveling individually (as opposed to group travel) to attend conferences or symposiums.

All receipts showing proof of payment must be attached to a Check Request form supporting the reimbursement expense. Do not use the Travel Voucher form for students. Travel advances are not allowed. If direct billing any expense, a separate Purchase Order is required payable to each vendor and the invoice referencing that Purchase Order must be submitted to Procurement Services for payments. The following information must be included in the Purchase Order:

  • Name of traveler
  • Place and reason for travel
  • Travel dates
  • Use object code 7199 for non-grant related funds and 8403 for grant funded

Student Group Travel

Applicable to students traveling as a group to attend an event.

A designated TWU employee must be established as the responsible party traveling with the students. This employee will complete a Student Group Travel Card Request form estimating trip expenses. The original completed form must be turned in to Procurement Services at least 10 business days before the first day of travel. Upon approval, a Student Group Travel Card will be issued to cover the trip expenses. Allowable Student Group Travel Card expenses include transportation, lodging and meals.

Upon completion of travel, the employee will reconcile Student Group Travel Card activity. All itemized receipts are required. The employee will be financially responsible for any expenses for which receipts are missing. The Student Group Travel Card, all receipts and reconciliation information will be submitted to Procurement Services no later than 7 business days after the last day of travel.

The Student Group Travel Card Request Form and Reconciliation instructions can be found in the Forms and Instructions area of this website.

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