Common Delays in Processing Travel Vouchers

  • Itinerary Section of the voucher is incomplete or blank.
  • Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) is not included.
  • RTA shows amount '0'; therefore, no reimbursement may be claimed.
  • RTA missing supervisor and/or accountholder signature.
  • Voucher is not signed by supervisor.
  • Non-reimbursable auto rental expense is claimed. GPS, for example.
  • Non-overnight meal expenses are claimed.  
  • Breakdown of meals and lodging is not shown (must be on daily basis).
  • More than the maximum meal allowance for the city visited is claimed.
  • State hotel tax in Texas is claimed.
  • Point-to-point mileage is not provided for each leg of trip.
  • Contract Travel Vendor Exception Form is not included when using a non-contracted rental car company.
  • Method of transportation and duties performed are not included.
  • Detailed itinerary is not provided.
  • Justification of Mileage vs Airfare form is not completed when traveler chooses to drive out of state rather than fly.
  • Zero balance due hotel bill and/or proof of payment for hotel is not included.
  • Proof of payment for registration is not provided.

Page last updated 4:34 PM, May 6, 2019