Using Amazon Prime Business

How to Become a University Amazon Business Prime Account Participant

Initial Requirements for PCardholders

● Prior to registering for the University’s Amazon Business Prime account, PCardholders are required to:

○ Use their University email addresses for the University's Amazon Business Prime account. It is important to maintain a separate account for personal purchases and not use an Amazon account established with a University email address for personal purchases.

○ Transfer personal Amazon accounts associated with University email addresses to personal email addresses (e.g., free Gmail or Yahoo accounts) before participants respond to the invitation to join the University's Amazon Business Prime account.

● Cardholders/reconcilers should contact the Amazon Business Prime Customer Service Team at 866-486-2360 if:

○ You have more than one Amazon account,

○ You already uploaded exemption information or created a business account on behalf of the University, or

○ You experience issues with creating your new Amazon Business Prime Account. Process for PCardholders

● Cardholders/reconcilers will receive an email invitation directly from Amazon Business Prime to join TWU's Amazon Business Prime account. Cardholders/reconcilers must fulfill the initial requirements previously mentioned prior to accepting the invitation.

● Cardholders/reconcilers authorized to use TWU's Amazon Business Prime account are required to:

○ Accept the invitation sent directly from Amazon Business Prime.

○ Utilize their PCard for Amazon Business Prime purchases made on behalf of TWU. No other payment methods are permitted for Amazon Business Prime purchases.

Page last updated 6:49 PM, September 3, 2021