Memberships on PCard

Memberships can be purchased using a University Purchasing Card (PCard) if:

  • the organization is on the list of approved memberships and
  • the cost of the membership is less than the PCard single purchase threshold of $2500, and
  • state funds (10 account) are not being used to pay the cost of membership.

If the desired membership exceeds the PCard purchase threshold, is not on the list of approved memberships, or is being paid for with State funds (a 10 account) the membership must be approved through the office of Finance and Administration by using the Membership Approval Form. If approved, forward the Membership Approval Form to the Purchasing Department via email at or intercampus mail. Once approved by Finance and Administration, and the organization has been added to the list of Approved Memberships, the membership will be available for purchase using the PCard.

Check the List of Approved Memberships.

Page last updated 4:09 PM, May 28, 2020