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Improve Overall Health for Performance

Pioneer Performance Clinic is the premier sports nutrition clinic in North Texas. We are dedicated to maximizing the performance of every active individual and athlete through proper fueling. Not an athlete? That’s okay, our dietitian also has expertise in weight management, diabetes, pediatrics and more.

Elevate Your Competitive Edge

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Nutrition is often the most overlooked and misunderstood aspect of training success. Proper fueling can make a good athlete great! Whether you are seeking to lean out, bulk up, or improve your speed, nutrition is key and we can provide you individual, sport specific recommendations to give you the competitive edge!

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Provide Tailored Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is not a one size-fits all concept. After obtaining a health history and lifestyle background, we create individualized meal plans. Personal goals, disease states, food allergies and intolerances are all considered when we make recommendations for you.

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Achieve and Maintain Desired Body Composition

Do you ever wonder how many calories you should be eating? Or if you are losing weight, do you know if you are losing muscle at the same time in addition to body fat? Our clinic has cutting edge technology that can answer these questions and help you achieve your desired body.

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