Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a service provided for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking additional assistance with improving their academic skills, such as time management, test-taking, note-taking, general study skills, learning styles, and academic motivation. Our academic coaches are also available to help students learn effectively in an online environment. Together, the student and academic coach will determine areas of needed assistance and work collaboratively to identify the student’s learning strengths that will best assist them with improving in the identified area.

Academic coaches are available to assist students with:

  • Test Taking
  • Note Taking
  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Academic Motivation
  • Adjusting to an online environment

During this time of transition our academic coaches are meeting with students via Google Hangouts or by telephone.

Students can meet with their coach once a week for up to six (6) sessions total. Each session will last approximately 45–60 minutes.


Need assistance now? Check out these on-campus and online resources!

How To Study — How To Study is a website full of resources that are free and available to students to assist with study planning, test taking, note taking, and writing papers specifically for different college disciplines. — offers training in 3D, Animation, Audio, Business, Design, Developer, Home Computing, Photography, Video, Web + Interactive and so much more.

Write Site — The TWU Write Site is available to assist students with group and individualized writing instruction, and writing development. Online writing instruction is available through the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Science Learning Resource Center — The TWU Science Learning Resource Center is available to assist students with supplemental handouts and study guides, study skill and problem-solving techniques, assistance with working example problems from the text, and/or class notes, and many other wonderful services

Mathematics & Technology Success Center — The TWU Mathematics & Technology Success Center provides tutoring for TWU students who are enrolled in math and technology courses or enrolled in any courses with math or technology components. Tutoring is also available for any statistics course and the statistical software: SAS and SPSS

Learning Styles — VARK is a simple assessment that will assist you in determining your learning style. Information is provided on how to implement your learning preferences within your academic experience.

Project Management — Need to get started on a challenging class project? This online guide provides information on how to take the first steps.

Time Management — This online guide provides information on building time management skills.

Active Learning — This online guide provides information on what active learning is and how to engage in these activities.

Problem Solving — Navigating a problem inside and outside of the classroom can be difficult. This online guide provides tips on how to stay flexible when making difficult decisions including tips such as motivation and implementing your decisions.

Study Habits — This online guide provides information on developing effective study habits.

Test Taking Tips — Tests can be a difficult part of the college experience. This online guide provides tips for test taking.

Study Spaces — Finding the right study space is almost as critical as studying! This exercise provides tips for determining the right study space for you.

For more information about academic coaching contact:

Dr. Theresa Lindsay
Director, Learning Success Programs
Pioneer Center for Student Excellence, BHL 226
(940) 898-4113

Page last updated 9:44 AM, April 7, 2020