Student Teaching Application

The Office of Clinical Practices is responsible for processing all TWU student teaching placements. At the school districts’ requests, all TWU student teaching placement requests must come from our office to ensure the proper procedures are followed. Students should not try to secure their student teaching placement by contacting teachers, principals, superintendents, or school district offices. Please help us honor the districts’ requests.

Clinical Student Teaching

Please read the following information prior to applying for Clinical Student Teaching (CST):

The CST application for the fall semester will open in TK20 on February 1st and close on the last day of the month. The application for the spring semester will open on September 1st and close on the last day of the month.

Teacher candidates completing CST in the fall should be prepared to begin any time after August 1st; candidates completing CST in the spring should be prepared to begin any time after January 1st. Teacher candidates will be notified of CST placements and start dates via email the semester prior to the clinical teaching semester. Candidates will be added to a clinical student teacher email list soon after the semester's application deadline. This will be the primary means of communication between the Office of Clinical Practices (OCP) and clinical student teacher candidates. Students who do not receive a welcome email indicating they have been added to the email list must contact Judy Franz at

Requirements for Admission to Clinical Student Teaching

  • Students completing CST must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Students must be fully admitted into the Texas Woman's University Teacher Education Program
  • All program requirements must be met
  • Must take and pass all required TExES state certification exams and appropriate national certification exams, if applicable, by May 1, 2019
  • Students must meet the GPA for your classification and certification
  • It is the responsibility of the student to inform OCP regarding any changes in status, including eligibility, and to maintain a current address and phone number (please indicate if personal information is restricted). Failure to supply accurate and complete data may result in the cancellation of the application. Please note that formal communication from our office will go to the student's Texas Woman's University email address
  • Students must have Professional Liability Insurance that is valid for the entire duration of the student teaching placement
  • Students must have a clear TBI Background Check, if applicable
  • Candidates are required to attend a mandatory Clinical Student Teaching Orientation and departmental seminars. Failure to attend may result in cancellation of your Clinical Student Teaching Semester placements. Questions may be directed to Judy Franz at, 940.898.2734 or SH 211, or to Michelle Williams-Laing at, 940.898.2223 or SH 202


See instructions on how to complete a Clinical Student Teaching Application.


Clinical Student Teaching consists of either one 14-week placement or two 7-week placements, depending on candidate's area(s) of certification. Teacher candidates must be present at their school for the full day and are required to participate in faculty meetings, PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences, etc. as determined by the placement site.

Background Checks

Instructions for submitting a criminal background check (CBC) for the student's first choice district are provided within the clinical student teacher application. Some districts may require students to submit an online CBC/volunteer application in order to clinical student teach, some districts require only a paper CBC form, and other districts may require both an online CBC/volunteer application along with a paper form. Students must submit their first-choice district's CBC form and/or online application confirmation through the following means (1) in person at Stoddard Hall, Room 211, (2) by fax at 940-898-2830, or(3) by email at Do not email any CBC form that contains sensitive information such as SSNs. Typically, background checks for observation placements do not apply for clinical student teaching.


Texas Woman's University policy dictates that students are required to have diverse clinical experiences. All Clinical Student Teaching placements are in accordance with district policy into classrooms led by veteran cooperating teachers who have a minimum of three years of experience.

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