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Student Teaching

Clinical student teaching is the culminating experience in the Teacher Education Program at Texas Woman's University. This professional semester is a time of transition from the student role to the professional role and is exemplified when the clinical student teacher becomes an important and integral part of the host school system under the direction of a certified teacher and a university supervisor in area school districts. The experience provides students with the opportunity to integrate theoretical information in a practical, applied situation in order to prepare the candidate for the initial step toward a career in education.

Clinical Student Teaching includes a full-time experience for a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks or two 7-week placements during the final semester of the candidate's educator preparation program or half-time over 28 weeks during two semesters.

Documents and forms for Clinical Student Teachers


Students accepted into the University's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program or Post-Baccalaureate Program can elect to satisfy their professional practicum requirement through an internship. Interns are hired as the "teacher-of-record" on a Probationary Certificate by a public school accredited by the TEA or TEA-recognized private school. Interns must enroll in a two-semester internship program.

  • Probationary certificate - A certificate that is issued to a candidate who has passed all required certification examinations and is completing requirements for certification through an approved educator preparation program.

Documents and forms for interns


Student teaching or a professional teaching internship is the capstone experience in educator preparation. TWU student teaching and intern supervisors not only play a key role in developing the skills that student teachers and interns need to meet the student’s educational objectives, but also play a role in their professional development. A key part of your role as a supervisor is to create an environment that motivates our students and allows them to succeed. By being involved in this development process, supervisors can engage and motivate the student teachers and interns, enabling them to meet critical objectives and their personal and professional goals.

General documents and forms for student teachers, interns, mentors and supervisors may be found on the Resources page.

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