Master of Occupational Therapy

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We are no longer accepting applications for this entry-level program. Applications are now being accepted for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Entry-Level) program.

Occupational therapists help people engage in activities that give their lives meaning. As an occupational therapist, you will be a health care provider who asks your clients “what matters to you?” and then designs solutions to help them succeed.

The master of occupational therapy (MOT) degree educates professional occupational therapists by providing them with a strong foundation of knowledge, encouraging active learning and critical reflection, and fostering integrity and compassion. Our program will prepare you to:

  1. Enter the field ready to practice with confidence, creativity and caring.
  2. Continue on a path of scholarly inquiry as you practice the art and science of occupational therapy.
  3. Practice according to ethical principles that benefit clients individually as well as society as a whole.
  4. Provide leadership within the profession of occupational therapy.
  5. Contribute to health care and social policies of the state, the nation and the world.

Our 28-month curriculum includes both classroom and . Foundation-forming and skill-building courses are organized around three content domains: occupation, process and practice. Your first five semesters (22 months) will be primarily on-site at the Denton, Dallas or Houston campus. Following successful completion of the academic portion of the curriculum students engage in two semesters (6 months) in two different, full-time fieldwork experiences.

The Master of Occupational Therapy prepares graduates to take the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam required for licensure in every state. Individuals who want to practice in Texas may apply for a license through the Texas Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners. Requirements for state licensure vary from state to state. For more information about licensure in your state, see this list provided by the National Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners.  All academic courses must be completed within no more than 36 months. All fieldwork experiences must be completed within 24 months of academic coursework completion. Contact our department for additional information.

Program requirements

The occupational therapy program requires 83 credit hours to complete — 59 hours of core requirements (completed in the classroom/lab in five semesters) and 24 credit hours (six months) of full-time fieldwork experience. A full listing of required courses is available in the graduate catalog. The curriculum is organized by modules that represent the lifespan, focusing on:

  • Foundational knowledge for occupational therapy
  • Participation in occupational roles
  • Performance of occupations
  • Tools for practice
  • Scholarly inquiry and evidence-based practice

Admission Requirements

Admission to the TWU Graduate School

When you apply to the TWU Graduate School, we will evaluate your academic achievement and preparation, as well as your standardized test scores if required. All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admissions to the TWU Graduate School. In addition, most graduate programs have additional admission requirements that must be completed. These requirements can be found on each graduate program website. After acceptance, you will need to begin your program within one year, unless a deferral has been approved by the program.

Check out the links below for specific admissions information:

*Admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy

Program Contact

Amber Geldersma
Coordinator of OT Admissions

Admission Deadlines for the summer of 2020 entry-level cohort

  • July 1, 2019 – Apply Texas application is open
  • July 18, 2019 – Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) application is open
  • October 1, 2019 – Final deadline (CST 11 pm) – OTCAS application must be verified and all required documents received by this deadline. Incomplete and unverified applications will not be considered.

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree completed at time of enrollment.
  • Minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 calculated on the last 60 credit hours before completion of baccalaureate degree or minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 on 12 or more graduate credit hours.
  • Report from the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) taken within 5 years of application date submitted using code 2215. This requirement is temporarily suspended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Combined prerequisite course GPA of 3.0 or better, with no grade below a C on any prerequisite course. Advanced Placement credit will not be accepted. All prerequisite courses must be completed at time of application. For prerequisite equivalency approvals, email Course title, University attended and course description are required. The prerequisite courses are the following:
    • Elementary Statistics
    • Anatomy and Physiology I & II Lecture / Lab
    • Lifespan Developmental Psychology
    • Abnormal Psychology
  • Competency in Medical Terminology - may be submitted after acceptance, prior to MOT program entry.
  • A minimum of 20 contact hours with one licensed occupational therapist, within 2 years of application. The OT must complete an evaluation via OTCAS, and the observation hours must be documented on the OTCAS application.
  • Two additional evaluations.  Acceptable evaluators include college/university faculty member under whom the applicant has completed a course of study and/or professional reference from an employer or supervisor. Submitted via OTCAS application.

TWU Alumni Advantage Admission Requirements

Texas Woman’s University graduates who qualify may apply as an Alumni Advantage applicant into the MOT program. In addition to the above requirements, the Alumni Advantage Admission requires:

  • Texas Woman’s University baccalaureate degree with a Pre-OT track degree plan in Child Development, Family Studies, Kinesiology/Health Studies or Psychology; completed at time of enrollment.
  • A minimum of 30 hours completed at Texas Woman’s University at time of application
  • Overall grade point average of 3.7 calculated on the last 60 credit hours at the time of application, and maintenance of 3.7 GPA or higher through completion of baccalaureate degree.
  • Combined prerequisite course GPA of 3.5 or better, with no grade below a B on any prerequisite course.
  • Pre-occupational therapy track courses combined with prerequisite course GPA of 3.5 or better, with no grade below a B. Pre-occupational therapy track courses may be completed after application, but must be completed prior to enrollment. These courses are the following:
    • Scientific Foundations of Human Movement – KINS 3623
    • Biomechanics Lecture / Lab (Kinesiology majors) – KINS 3593 / 3591
    • Neuroanatomy Lecture / Lab – ZOOL 3123 / 3121
  • One of the two additional evaluations must be from a TWU faculty member in the pre-OT major under whom the applicant has completed a course of study.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admission to the TWU Graduate School. Select Semester of entry-Summer; Major-Occupational Therapy MOT; and Your first choice campus.
  2. Take the GRE General Test and submit your GRE scores to TWU (code 2215). This requirement is temporarily suspended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Submit TOEFL and TSE/Test A (if applicable).
  4. Apply to The TWU School of Occupational Therapy through OTCAS. If you experience technical difficulty completing the OTCAS application, visit the OTCAS help page.

Technology Requirements for the Program 

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