Diane Brown, OTR, PhD

Adjunct Faculty, Denton Campus

Diane Brown




PhD, 2002, Higher Education, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

MOT, 1987, Occupational Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas

BME, 1974, Music Education, Baylor University Waco, Texas


“Occupational Therapy Academic Program Faculty Attitudes Toward Tenure as Measured by the Tenure Attitude Scale”, August, 2002, Ron Newsom, Ph.D.

Professional Certification/Licensure

Registered Occupational Therapist NBCOT Certificate Number 969492

Licensed Occupational Therapist TX License Number 102751

Licensed Professional Teacher Texas All-Level Teaching Certificate (1974)


9/05 to present Associate Clinical Professor, TWU

8/04 to 8/05 Visiting Assistant Professor, TWU

8/03 to 8/04 Teacher, Biomedical Academy, Carrollton-Farmer’s Branch ISD

6/00 to 8/03 Assistant Professor, Tenured, TWU

6/98 to 5/00 Assistant Professor & Database Coordinator, TWU

8/97 to 6/98 Instructor & Database Coordinator, TWU

8/95 to 8/97 Instructor & Assistant to the Coordinator of Clinical Education, TWU

8/94 to 8/95 Instructor, TWU School of Occupational Therapy  

8/93 to 8/94 Health Occupations Coordinator, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

8/91 to 8/93 Director of Occupational Therapy, Lifeline Home Health, Garland, Texas

1/89 to 8/91 Contract Occupational Therapist, Visiting Nurses Association, Dallas, Texas and Lifeline Home Health, Garland, Texas

1/88 to 1/89 Staff Occupational Therapist, HCA Lewisville Hospital, Lewisville, Texas

4/86 to 9/87 Children’s Program Coordinator, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Dallas, Texas

6/78 to 5/82 Professional Piano Teacher, New Orleans, Louisiana and Carrollton, Texas

9/74 to 11/77 Classroom Music Teacher, C.L. Ganus School, New Orleans, Louisiana


Courses Taught at TWU

  • Undergraduate
    • OT 2212- Occupational Therapy Pre-Clinical
    • OT 3221- Introduction to Clinical Procedures
    • OT 3223- Testing Techniques in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 3233- Developmental Processes & Life Tasks I
    • OT 4022- Occupational Adaptation: Wellness Through Occupation & Adaptation
    • OT 4041- Exploring Scholarly Inquiry
    • OT 4202- Research in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 4241- Physical Function Evaluation & Treatment II, Lab
    • OT 4242- Physical Function Evaluation & Treatment II, Lecture
    • OT 4261- Therapeutic Modalities in Occupational Therapy
  • Graduate
    • OT 5132- Persons, Tools, & Occupations
    • OT 5141- Scholarly Inquiry Seminar
    • OT 5161- Level I Fieldwork: Adaptation within the Community
    • OT 5203- Research in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 5332- Ways of Doing
    • OT 5342- Qualitative Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 5352- Assessment Process in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 5512-Knowledge Bases: Movement in Context
    • OT 5522- Occupational Adaptation: Adolescent to Middle Adulthood, Lab
    • OT 5542- Quantitative Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 5551- Advanced Occupational Therapy Process
    • OT 5561- Level I Fieldwork: Specialized Health Care
    • OT 5563/5724- Occupational Adaptation: Middle to Late Adulthood, Lecture
    • OT 5753 (formerly OT 5752/5911)- Designing, Evaluating, & Managing Systems
    • OT 5761- Level I Fieldwork: Supervision & Management
    • OT 5832- Introduction to Lymph Drainage Therapy Issues Course
    • OT 5832- Occupational Therapy Interventions for Dementia Issues Course
    • OT 5911- Scholarly Inquiry in Occupational Therapy
    • OT 5963 and OT 5973- Professional Paper
    • OT 5983- Thesis

Master’s Theses

Martha Sorial Iskander, “The Integration of Assistive Technology Within the Daily Educational Environment”, 2007, committee member.

Master’s Professional Papers

Johanna Rhodes, “Clients Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: Quality of Life as Affected by Group Intervention”, 2010, chair.

Laura McCarthy, “Participation, Occupational Therapy, and the Adult with Cognitive Disabilities”, 2010, committee member.

Amy Woodard, “Using the MOHOST to Measure Occupational Participation for a Cohort of Clients with Early Stage Dementia”, 2010, committee member.

Amber Adami, “ Natural Approach in Mental Health Practice: Occupational Adaptation Revealed”, 2009, committee member.

Lindsay Pearce, “Exploring the Use of Camps for Children Living with Diabetes”, 2008, chair.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, “Interpreting Evidence-Based Outcome Measures in Current Occupational Therapy Practice”, 2007, chair.

Andrea Jones, “A Comparison Study of Four Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Curricula”, 2007, chair.

Wendy Bishop, “Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy: A Call for a Universal Criterion”, 2006, chair.

Candice Cross, “Compliance vs. Non-Compliance: Comparing State Occupational Therapy Practice Acts to AOTA Guidelines”, 2006, chair.

Deidre Davis, “The Importance of Evidence-Based Practice and a Need for a Universal Criterion”, 2006, chair.

Stanford Richardson, “Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant to Occupational Therapist: Exploration of the Influence of Perception of Supervision in Returning to School”, 2006, chair.

Jeff DeVries, “Maintaining Efficacy as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant”, 2006, chair.

Master’s Professional Projects

Abba, Olabisi, “A Combined Case Study of Caregivers and Clients with Alzheimer's Disease and the Impact of Mental Status on Functioning and Quality of Life”, 2011, chair.

Hutchins, Erin, “A Combined Case Study of Caregivers and Clients with Alzheimer's Disease and the Impact of Mental Status on Functioning and Quality of Life”, 2011, chair.

Lafitte, Erin, “A Combined Case Study of Caregivers and Clients with Alzheimer's Disease and the Impact of Mental Status on Functioning and Quality of Life”, 2011, chair.

McCracken, Tracy, “A Combined Case Study of Caregivers and Clients with Alzheimer's Disease and the Impact of Mental Status on Functioning and Quality of Life”, 2011, chair.

McKee, Rebecca, “Care Package for Caregivers: Evidence-Based Strategies”, 2011, chair.

Meyer, Lauren, “Journal of Occupation-Based Group Activities of a Cohort of Clients with Early Stage Dementia”, 2011, chair.

Purtle, Elizabeth, “Using the MOHOST to Measure Occupational Participation for a Cohort of Clients with Early Stage Dementia, Part 2”, 2011, chair.

Transom, Laura, “Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver Resource Guide”, 2011, chair.

Baesl, Katherine, “Cultural Competency: Occupational Therapy and the Alaskan Natives”, 2010, committee member.

Bingham, Diana, “Endurance Training and the Elderly”, 2010, chair.

Caterisano, Christina, “Evaluation of Perceived Need of Alzheimer’s Patients to Improve Own Quality of Life, 2010, chair.

Fooladjoush, Shanna, “The Roles of Physical Activity and Cognition in the Elderly”, 2010, chair.

Freeman, Kimberly, “Family Involvement in Elder Driver Cessation”, 2010, chair.

Keenan, Suzanna, “Cultural Competency: The Romanian-American Population”, 2010, committee member.

Leggett, Heather, “A Tai Chi Video to Address Balance Issues Within the Elderly Population”, 2010, chair.

Martinez-Patel, Soledad, “Cultural Competency: Asian Indians Living in the United States”, 2010, committee member.

Patterson, Johnna, “Resistance Training and the Elderly”, 2010, chair. Rashid, Affifa, 2010, “Use of the MMSE as a Screener for Further Assessment”, committee member.

Redfearn, Brooke, “Distance Education Introduction to Constraint-Induced Therapy”, 2010, committee member.

Ziegelmeier, Gaytha, “ Cultural Competency: American Indians in Oklahoma”, 2010, committee member.

Benningfield, Olivia, “Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Grieving Process and the Roles of Occupational Therapists in the Palliative Care Setting”, 2009, committee member.

Courtney Bourn, “Exercise Video for Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities”, 2009, committee member.

Christina Colby, “Exercise with Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease”, 2009, committee member.

Michelle Connelly, “Exercise with Seniors Post-CVA”, 2009, committee member.

Ashley Cook, “ Elders and Dementia: The Need for Support”, 2008, committee member.

Darlene Cook, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality in Persons with Cardiac Disease”, 2008, committee member.

Shelly Cox, “Adaptations for Parkinson’s Patients”, 2008, committee member.

Marie DeLima, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality in Persons with Total Hip Replacement”, 2008, committee member.

Ty Felton, “Occupational Therapy Interventions for the Elderly Driver”, 2009, chair.

Danielle Garcia-Jones, “ Occupation-Based Groups for Clients with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease”, 2009, chair.

Lindsay Gilley, “Exercise Guidelines for Seniors with Cardiovascular Disorders”,2009, committee member.

Kristen Haake, “Automobile Adaptations to Increase Safety in Elder Drivers”, 2009, chair.

Karen Kainrad, “Use of Cognitive Performance Test with Selected Clients with Dementia”, 2009, chair.

Chrissy Lighthill, “Exercise Indications for Seniors with Chronic CVA”, 2009, committee member.

Jessica Mevius, “Elder Driving Assessments”, 2009, chair.

Katie Mills, “Second Life at Your Fingertips: Implications for Occupational Therapy”, 2009, chair.

Katie Molina, “Exercise Indications for Seniors with Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement”, 2009, committee member.

Sandie Neal, “Occupational Therapists Helping Families of Children with Autism Create a Level of Safety in the Home”, 2009, committee member.

Amy Perry, “Increasing Physical Activity for Seniors with Arthritis”, 2009, committee member.

Heather Rodges, “Community Resources for Elder Drivers Residing in Denton County”, 2009, chair.

Rebecca Storey, “A Guide to Locating Adaptive Equipment for Elderly Drivers”, 2009, chair.

Pamela Wiley, “Quality of Life Measures for Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease”, 2009, chair.

Debora Campbell, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality in Persons with Diabetes”, 2008, committee member.

Stephanie Fullerton, “Senior Driving: Vision”, 2008, committee member.

Graciela Garza, “Dementia and the Stepping Stones Group”, 2008, committee member.

Rachel Hardy, “Online Teaching Module on Breast Cancer and Sexuality”, 2008, committee member.

Bridget Hart, “Environments for Those with Dementia”, 2008, committee member.

Courtney Humphries, “Occupational Therapy Interventions Provided in a Community Outpatient Day Program for Consumers with the Diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder”, 2008, committee member.

April Palomino, “Affordable Adaptive Equipment for Parkinson’s Disease Patients in the Home Health Care Environment”, 2008, committee member.

Melissa Pierce, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality Issues in Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury”, 2008, committee member.

Lindsey Ray, “Evidence-Based Practice for Occupational Therapy Interventions with Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia”, 2008, chair.

Leigh Ellen Weber, “Benefits of Stretching for the Dementia-Specific Elderly Population”, 2008, chair.

Susan Wilson, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality Issues in Clients with Stroke”, 2008, committee member.

Rosa Bernal, “Occupational Therapy with Hispanic Elders in Texas: Que Necisitamos Aber”, 2007, committee member.

Patricia Berry, “Online Teaching Module on Adolescent Sexuality and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis”, 2007, committee member.

Sharon Closner, “Occupational Therapy and the Use of Touch with the Elderly”, 2007, committee member.

Sabrina Cooley, “Using a Chart to Identify Strengths in Children with Autism in Order to Build Self-Esteem”, 2007, committee member.

Heidi Dillon, “The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Elderly Clients who are Grieving the Loss of a Spouse”, 2007, chair. Rebecca Egger, “ Adapted Progress Chart for Elderly CVA Clients Receiving Occupational Therapy in a Home Setting”, 2007, committee member.

Julie Griggs, “Use of a Website to Support Occupation-Based Groups for Individuals with Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease”, 2007, chair.

Ashley Hartley, “A Caregiver’s Guide to Adaptive and Environmental Safety Techniques for the Dementia Client”, 2007, chair.

Tracey Hiser, “Implementation of Safe Driving Strategies for Seniors with Primary Aging Issues of Vision”, 2007, committee member.

Helene Johnson, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality in Women with Spinal Cord Injury”, 2007, committee member.

Jenny Ketchum, “Visual Impairment in Relation to Older Drivers: Implications of Current and Future Aspects of Driving”, 2007, committee member.

Cheri Mazziotta, “Best Practices in Occupational Therapy Home Health Care for Clients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”, 2007, committee member.

Heather Muller, “ Facts about Spinal Muscular Atrophy for Occupational Therapists”, 2007, committee member.

James Muse, “Protocol for Testing and Improving Gas Pedal to Brake Pedal Reaction Time”, 2007, committee member.

Gilbert Perales, “Online Resource Guide for Level II Fieldwork at TWU”, 2007, committee member.

Sarah Smith, “Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Intervention of Reflex Response Rates in Senior Drivers”, 2007, committee member.

Colleen Stiles, “Online Teaching Module on Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis”, 2007, committee member.

Lindsay Whalen, “The Use of a Prevention Tool for Clients Diagnosed with Vascular Dementia”, 2007, chair.

Maria Teresa Arellano, “A Resource Guide for Monolingual Occupational Therapists in Dallas and Denton, Texas”, 2006, committee member.

Scholarship/Creative Achievements

Refereed Publications

Brown, D. & Evetts, C.L., (2013). Stepping Stones: An occupation-based support group for clients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. OT Practice, 18(11), 13-17.

Presentations at Professional Meetings

“Expanding Psychosocial Fieldwork Using Occupation-Based Community Programs”, co-presenter with Sher Harnish, MA, OTR at Texas Occupational Therapy Association’s Mountain Central Conference, November 2, 2012, Austin, Texas.

“Use of Occupation-Based Groups in Dementia”, presented at Texas Woman’s University Academic Day and 19th Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship Symposium, February 17, 2012, Dallas, Texas

“A Profile of Clients with Early Stage Dementia and the Benefits of Participation in Occupation-Based Groups”, Co-presenter with Cynthia Evetts, PhD, OTR at Texas Occupational Therapy Association’s Mountain Central Conference, November 5, 2011.

“Purposeful Activity Groups for Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease: What are the Possibilities?”, Co-presenter with Geri Sams, LCSW at National Association of Social Work Texas State Conference, October 15, 2009, Ft. Worth, Texas.

“Quality of Life and Dementia: Does Occupational Therapy Make a Difference?”, Co-presenter with Johanna Rhodes, OTS at Texas Occupational Therapy Association’s Mountain Central Conference, November 14, 2009, San Antonio, Texas.

“Healthy Activities for All Ages and Stages”, Co-presenter with Melissa McClung at Third Annual Caregiver and Aging Conference of the Area Agency on Aging of North Central Texas, May 30, 2008, Lewisville, Texas.

“Stepping Stones: A Path Through Alzheimer’s Disease”, invited presentation at Texas Occupational Therapy Association’s Mountain Central Conference, November 23, 2008, Austin, Texas.

“Stepping Stones Group Experiences”, Co-presenter with Geri Sams, LMSW, GCM, at National Association of Professional Geriatric Case Managers South Central Chapter Annual Conference and Business Meeting, December 5, 2008, San Antonio, Texas.

“Stepping Stones: A Community Group for Clients with Early-Stage Dementia, and their Families”, Workshop Co-Presented with Melissa McClung at Denton Health Expo and Conference 2007, March 17, 2007, Denton, Texas.

“Experiences of an Occupation-Based Group for Clients with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease”, Workshop Co-Presented with Melissa McClung at Texas Conference on Aging, April, 2007, Dallas, Texas.

“Stepping Stones: An Occupation-Based Group for Clients with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease”, Continuing Education Workshop Co-Presented with Melissa McClung at the 2007 XIV Vanderkooi Annual Endowed Lectureship, February 9, 2007, Dallas, Texas.

“Seniors and Long-term Fitness”, Co-presenter with Melissa McClung, invited 4 hour presentation at Texas Occupational Therapy Association’s Mountain Central Conference, November 18, 2006, Irving, Texas.

“Tools for Helping: Making Adaptive Equipment Work for You”, Co-presenter with Melissa McClung, at Essential Tools for Family Caregivers Conference, August, 2006, Denton, Texas.  


Clinical participant in grant “Development and Pilot of Individualized Exercise Prescriptions Train the Trainer Manual for Senior Adults in Assisted Living Facilities”, Melissa McClung, Principal Investigator, October 2006, $15,000.

Professional Service

Service Activities for the Component, College, University

School of Occupational Therapy Service
  • Panelist, Pi Theta Epsilon “8th Annual Bridging the Gap”. Denton, TX. October 18, 2013.
  • Member, OTD Development Committee 2012-present
  • Member, School of OT Curriculum Committee 2011-present.
  • Member, School of OT Research Committee, 2008- 2011
  • Member, MOT Admissions Committee, 2004 to 2010.
  • Co-Chair for Institutional Effectiveness, School of Occupational Therapy Curriculum Committee, 2006-2007 academic year.
  • Chapter Faculty Advisor, TWU Delta Denton Chapter Pi Theta Epsilon Occupational Therapy Honor Society, 2008-2009
  • Member, Vanderkooi Community Building Workshops Committee, 2008.
University Committee Service
  • Member, Student Health Services Advisory Committee, 2007-present.
  • Member, Denton Campus Student Code of Conduct Committee, 2006-2010.
Other Service to the University
  • Faculty Mentor, Pioneer Teaching and Learning Academy 2012-2013.
  • Presenter at TWU 2013 Teaching & Learning Symposium “Alternatives to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives” Concurrent session, Denton, TX. August 22, 2013.
  • TWU 2008 Health Fair Booth Participant for Stepping Stones group. Volunteer, TWU Fall Festival Trunk or Treat as representative for Stepping Stones group, October 26, 2006.
  • Represented TWU School of Occupational Therapy at Richland College Health Professions Information Days, March 29, 2006, Richardson, Texas.
Service to the Profession
  • Secretary, Trinity North District of Texas Occupational Therapy Association, 2006 - 2008.
  • Co-Chair, 2006 Mountain Central Conference Volunteers Committee, Texas Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Member, American Occupational Therapy Association, 1983-present.
  • Member, Texas Occupational Therapy Association, 1992-present.
Service to the Community
  • Presenter, “Safety and Activities at Home”, Greater Dallas Alzheimer’s Association Practical Help for Hardworking Caregivers Seminar, Denton, TX, August 1, 2013.
  • Speaker, “Engagement Strategies for Families”, Family support group at Autumn Leaves Memory Care Assisted Living, Denton, TX, September 12, 2013.
  • Clinical Director and co-founder, Ordinary Times Day Club Respite Program for Clients with Early to Mid-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease, 2010-2011.
  • Screener, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America National Memory Screening Day, 2008- 2011, Denton, Texas.
  • Organizing Member, Advisory Board of Stepping Stones Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group, 2006, and Board President, 2007 to 2010.
  • Clinical Director, “Stepping Stones”, Occupation-Based Group for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease Clients 2006-present.
  • Member, Denton County Geriatric Services Workgroup, 2006-2010


Significant Professional Development Activities

  • “Infusing Learner-Centered Strategies Into Your Course” The Teaching Professor Workshop, Austin, TX. January, 2013.
  • 16th Annual Wakonse South Teaching Conference, Balcones Springs, TX. April 5-7, 2013.
  • “Designing Courses for Integrative Learning: Theory, Research, Implementation & Assessment”, The Center for Occupational Therapy Education @ Colorado State University, June 22-25, 2011.
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) Alzheimer’s and Dementia Training Course, Completed March 28, 2007.
  • Quality Matters Peer Review Training (Online Instruction and Course Development), Completed Feb. 5, 2007. www.QualityMatters.org 

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