Houston Center Faculty

Aguirri, Amanda, MSN, RN, CHSE
Assistant Clinical Professor
Room 6134

Education: BSN, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; MSN, University of Texas at Tyler.
Primary Teaching Area: Child Health and Concepts in BSN program.
Research Interests: Simulation and knowledge retention in undergraduate nursing education.

Rebecca Aulbach

Aulbach, Rebecca, PhD, RN-BC, ACNS-BC, CPHQ
Assistant Professor
Room 6031

Education: BS, Texas Woman's University; MS, Texas Woman's University; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area:
Adult Health, Critical Care
Research Interests: Patient Safety, Blood Transfusions, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Nursing, Performance Improvement

Barb Baudler

Baudler, Barb, MSN, RN
Associate Clinical Professor
Room 7426

Education: BSN, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA; MSN, LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA
Primary Teaching Area: Undergraduate: Fundamentals of Medical-Surgical Nursing
Research Interests: Nursing Education, Simulation and Nursing Management/Leadership

Jodi Behr

Behr, Jodi Herron, PhD, JD, APRN, RNC-NIC, ACCNS-P
Assistant Professor
Room 7419

Education: BSN, Purdue University; MSN, Indiana University; JD, Indiana University; PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Primary Teaching Area: Women's Health in BSN Program
Research Interests: Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Wendy Butler

Butler, Wendy, MS, RN
Assistant Clinical Professor
Room 7434

Education: BS, Texas Woman’s University; MS, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area: Undergraduate: Concepts and Clinical Competencies & Aging Family
Research Interests: Nursing education

Tania Celia profile

Celia, Tania, PhD, APRN, RN, FNP-C, CNE
Assistant Professor
Room 6130

Education: BSN, Rutgers University, Camden, N.J.; MSN, Widener University, Chester, Penn.; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Areas: Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Adult Health in BSN program
Research Interests: Autism, Parents of Autistic Children, Amputee Experience, Women Veterans, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Patient Safety, Family Nursing

Sandra Cesario

Cesario, Sandra, PhD, RNC, FAAN
Room 7525

Education: RN Diploma, St Luke's Hospital School of Nursing; BSN, Fort Hays State University; MS, University of Oklahoma; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area: Research, Scholarship, Multicultural Nursing, Maternal-Newborn, Women's Health
Research Interests: Ovarian Cancer, 2nd Stage Labor Management, Newborn Abandonment, Design of Healthcare Environments

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Clutter, Paula, PhD, RN, CNL, CNE, CENP, CMSRN
Room 7526

Education: BSN, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; MSN, University of Florida; PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Primary Teaching Area:  Adult Health, Clinical Nurse Leader
Research Interests: Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Leadership & Management, Clinical Simulation

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Cunningham, JanetMS, RNC
Associate Clinical Professor 
Room 7409

Education: BSN, Case Western Reserve University; MS, University of Minnesota School of Public Health 
Primary Teaching Area
: Women's Health
Research Interests: Women's Health

photo unavailable

Dellostritto, RitaPhD, RN, CNS, ENP, ACNP-BC, FAANP
Room 6036

Education: BS, Texas Woman's University; MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area: Adult/Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Undergraduate Adult Health Assessment
Research Interests: Emergency Care Outcomes, Disaster Management and Interprofessional Education 

Photo not available.

Dunlap, Jayne Jennings, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Assistant Clinical Professor
Room 6130

Education: BSN, Stephen F. Austin State University; MSN, Texas A&M Corpus Christi ; Doctor of Nursing Practice, Texas Christian University  
Primary Teaching Area: Undergraduate, Pediatrics; Graduate, Family Nurse Practitioner Program
Area of Expertise: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Special Populations 

headshot of Joan Edwards

Edwards, Joan E.PhD, RNC, CNS, FAAN
Professor, Director - Center for Global Nursing Scholarship

Room 7404

Education: BSN, University of Illinois; MN, University of Washington; PhD, University of Texas at Tyler
Primary Teaching Area: Perinatal Nursing
Research Interests: Perinatal Nursing and Birth Practices and Beliefs of the Acehnese, Lived Experience of Indonesian Nursing Faculty, Maternal, Morbidity, and Mortality and Nursing Education and Capacity Building in Developing Countries

Ellis, Kathleen, PhD, RN, CCRN-K
Assistant Professor
Room 7434

Education: BSN, Baylor University (Waco, Texas); MSN, Baylor University (Waco, Texas); PhD, University of Missouri (Columbia, Mo.)
Primary Teaching Areas: Mental Health, Research
Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Neonatal Families

Nina M. Fredland

Fredland, Nina M.PhD, RN, FNP

Room 7436

Education: BS, Niagara University: MSN, University of Pennsylvania; FNP, Texas Woman's University; PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Primary Teaching Area: Community/Public Health
Research Interests:  Physical,  Mental and Behavioral Health of Children and Adolescents, Adolescent Relationship Development, Violence Prevention, Bullying, Dating Violence, Arts-Based Interventions

Wyona M. Freysteinson

Freysteinson, Wyona M PhD, MN
Room 7410

Education: BSN, University of Saskatchewan, Canada; MN, University of Saskatchewan, Canada; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area:
Writing for Publication and Literature Review, Scholarship, Community Health and Adult Health
Research Interests: Mirror, Body image, Breast cancer, Qualitative studies, Palliative Care, Interdisciplinary, Palliative Care and Community Health Research. 

Tuong-Vi Ho

Ho, Tuong-ViPhD, FNP-BC
Clinical Professor

Room 7416

Education: BSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston; MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston: PhD, Texas Woman's University  
Primary Teaching Area
:  Health Assessment, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Adult Health
Research Interests: Women Breast Cancer, health and diseases in Asian population

Isik, Elif, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Room 7433

Education: BS, Canakkale 18 March University; MA, University of Missouri-Kansas City; PhD, Texas Woman's University.
Primary Teaching Areas: Community Health, Research and Quality Improvement in Nursing.
Research Interests: Self-management, Chronic Health Conditions, Asthma, Community Health, Children with Chronic Conditions and their Parents.

Olinda Johnson

Johnson, Olinda, PhD, RNC, CNS
Associate Clinical Professor
Room: 6138

Education: BSN, Texas Woman’s University; MS, Texas Woman’s University; PhD, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area
: Concepts, Maternal-Newborn, Women’s Health
Research Interests: Perinatal Bereavement, Perinatal Care, Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Peggy Landrum

Landrum, PeggyPhD, RN
Clinical Professor

Room 6033

Education: BA, University of Florida; MS, Texas Woman's University; PhD, Texas A&M  
Primary Teaching Area
:  Health Promotion, Mental Wellness, Group Dynamics, and Qualitative Research
Research Interests:  Nurse Recruitment, Retention Incentives, and Stress and Nursing Students  

Sabrenda Littles

Littles, Sabrenda, Ph.D., DNP, MBA, CRNA
Assistant Professor
Room 6037

Education: BSN, Prairie View A & M University; BA, University of Houston; MSNA, University of Texas-Health Science Center; MBA, Texas Woman’s University; DNP, Texas Woman’s University; PhD, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area: Adult Health 2, DNP capstone, and DNP practicum
Research Interests: PTSD, TBI, incivility in nursing education, anesthesia adjunct therapy for mental disorders, mentorship and faculty retention, mixed-methods research, qualitative research, quality improvement projects

Ann Malecha

Malecha, Ann, PhD, RN
Professor and Research Liaison
Room 7410

Education: BSN, Loyola University of Chicago; MSN, Northwestern University; PhD, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area
: Adult Nursing
Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Workplace Violence and Stress and Nursing students

Catherine Mbango profile

Mbango, Catherine, PhD, MBA, RN, NE-BC, OCN
Assistant Professor
Room 7527

Education: PhD., MSN, MBA, RN, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching: Adult Health & Introduction to Research
Research Interests: Symptom science, symptom management in chronic illnesses, cancer patients, palliative care, and health disparities in African American populations, Patient Safety.

Headshot of Ngozi Mbue

Mbue, Ngozi, PhD, RN, ANP-C
Assistant Professor
Room 6130

Education: BSN, Towson University, Towson Maryland; MSN, University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri; PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center, School of Nursing, Houston, Texas; Post-Doctoral Training: Health Services Research, Veterans Affairs/Baylor College ofMedicine Center for Innovation, Houston, Texas 2016-18; NIH COMRADE Training, New York University College of Medicine, NYU Langone Health, New York 2017-18
Primary Teaching Area: Adult Health Competencies, Advanced Health Assessment and Differential Diagnosis
Research Interests: Health and behavioral research in Diabetes and Depression, Use of mobile health (mHealth) technologies and wearable devices

Judith McFarlane

McFarlane, Judith M.DrPH, RN
Professor and Parry Nursing Chair in Health Promotion

Education: BSN, University of Florida; MN, University of Florida; DrPH, University of Texas School of Public Health
Primary Teaching Area
: Community Health
Research Interests: Partner Violence, Biobehavioral, Translational Research and Access Redesign

Brenda Moore

Moore, Brenda, PhD, RN-BC, CNE
Associate Professor
Room 6140

Education: BS from University of Alabama, MSN from Michigan State, PhD from University of Nevada Las Vegas
Primary Teaching Area: Medical-Surgical Nursing-Undergraduate, Nursing Education-Graduate
Research Interests: Retention and success of ESL nursing students

Leslie Nelson

Nelson, Leslie, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Room 7435

Education: BSN, University of Alberta, Canada; MN, University of Alberta, Canada; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area: 
Adult Health, Critical Care
Research Interests:  Nursing Education, Use of technology in Nursing Education and Inpatient Care Delivery, Clinical Simulation, and Critical Care Nursing

Ainslie Nibert

Nibert, Ainslie, PhD
Associate Professor, Associate Dean
Room 7519

Education: BS, Texas Christian University; MS, University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston; PhD, Texas Woman's University


Rachelle Nurse

Nurse, Rachelle, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC
Associate Professor
Room 7515

Education: BSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston; MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston; MSHA, Houston Baptist University; PhD, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area
: Women’s Health, Maternal-Newborn
Research Interests: Computer-Assisted Instruction, Education Staff Nurses in Obstetrics, Advanced Maternal Age

Linda Roussel

Roussel, Linda, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNL, FAAN
Visiting Clinical Professor
ASB 129

Education: BSN, William Carey College; MS, University of Southern Mississippi; PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Primary Teaching Area: DNP courses including DNP Scholarly Project courses, Master’s core courses; Master’s Nursing Health Systems Administration, Clinical Nurse Leader
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Healthcare System, Healthy Work Environments

Suzanne Scheller

Scheller, SuzanneMS, RN
Associate Clinical Professor
Room 7433

Education: BSN, Seton Hall University; MS, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area:
General Nursing, Child Health
Research Interests: Child Health, Complementary Therapies

headshot of Rebecca Schultz

Schultz, Rebecca, PhD, APRN, CPNP-PC
Associate Professor
Room 6136

Education: BSN, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX; MSN, University of Texas School of Nursing at Galveston; PhD, Texas Woman's University
Primary Teaching Area: Graduate: Family Nurse Practitioner Program; Undergraduate: Child Health
Research Interests: Efficacy and side effects of the ketogenic diet, psycho-social aspects of epilepsy in youth, access to care for children and youth with epilepsy, self-management, and transition of adolescents with neurological disorders to adult health care.

Headshot of Rochelle Schultz

Schultz, Rochelle, DNP, MSN, CPNP
Associate Clinical Professor
Room 7432

Education: BSN, Houston Baptist University; MSN, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Primary Teaching Area
: Child Health
Research Interests: High Risk Students

Photo Unavailable

St. Germain, Ann, MSN, ANP, WHNP
Associate Clinical Professor
Room 6038

Education: BSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston; MSN, University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston
Primary Teaching Area: Developing Families, Undergraduate Health Assessment, Graduate Health Assessment
Research Interest: Menopause, Osteoporosis, and Stress and Nursing Students

Robin Toms

Toms, RobinPhD, MN, BSN, RN, NEA-BC
Room 7418

Education: BSN, Wichita State University; MN, Wichita State University; PhD, Kansas State University
Primary Teaching Area
: Nursing Leadership and Administration
Research Interest: Complementary Therapies, Nursing Leadership and Professional Development

photo unavailable

Wyatt, Vy, MS, RN
Assistant Clinical Professor
Room 6133

Education: BS, Texas Woman’s University; MS, Texas Woman’s University
Primary Teaching Area: Concepts and Clinical Competencies, /Lecture/Lab/Clinical
Research Interests: Innovations in teaching, caring behaviors

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