University expands international opportunities in China

Man in suit shakes hand with woman in suit
Shandong Women's University Vice President Xing-li He, Ph.D., and Texas Woman's University Chancellor and President Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D., meet at the official signing ceremony for the international agreement between the two universities. Photos by Michael Modecki.
Asian man in suit signs a piece of paper
Shandong Women's University Vice President Xing-li He, Ph.D., signs the international exchange agreement with TWU.

Texas Woman’s University’s commitment to partnerships that benefit our students and the greater global community was evident Oct. 23 when Chancellor and President Carine M. Feyten signed an official memorandum of understanding with Shandong Women’s University (SWU) located in the People’s Republic of China.

Through this arrangement, the two universities agree to cooperate in research, create joint academic events and establish undergraduate exchange programs for five years.

“International partnerships such as this provide opportunities for students and faculty to learn from, and share with, colleagues around the world,” said Barbara Lerner, Ph.D., vice provost for undergraduate studies and academic partnerships. “TWU and SWU share a common mission — to support and educate women leaders. We are committed to working together to develop a sustaining relationship with SWU.”

SWU is a public undergraduate women’s university -- one of only three in China.

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