TWU Dance presents May concert series

In the second year of its May Dance Concert Series, the Texas Woman’s University Department of Dance presents Ground, choreographed by associate professor Jordan Fuchs and performed by the Jordan Fuchs Company. Ticket sales will raise money to support the recently established Department of Dance student group, Community Movers.

Performances are at 7 p.m. Friday, May 19, and Saturday, May 20. Tickets to the event are $5 for students and seniors, $10 for general admission. The concert series is located in the TWU Dance Studio Theater in the Dance and Gymnastics Laboratory Building, and seating will be limited. Visit to purchase tickets, or contact the TWU Department of Dance at 940-898-2086 or for more information.

Ground offers three dances for stage and screen: Torsion, Ground and Trace, all of which stem from Fuchs’ more than 30 years of experience in contact improvisation, an improvisational dance form at the intersection of ballroom dance, wrestling and martial arts. His collaborators include two TWU Department of Dance master’s program alumni, dancers Whitney Geldon (2012) and Melissa Sanderson (2014). They are joined by dancer Michelle Beard, Bessie-award winning lighting designer Roma Flowers, and composer Andy Russ.

Torsion (premier), a 20-minute dance for three women, emerges from movement explorations of the pelvis and the body’s connective tissue, the fascia. These explorations are painstakingly reconstructed from video to create a unique movement vocabulary, hypnotic in its cycles and vivid in its clarity, as well as a space of energizing subtlety and heightened awareness.

Ground (premiere), a 7-minute dance film collaboration between Fuchs and Melissa Sanderson, was funded in part thanks to the College of Arts and Sciences Comprehensive Research Funds 2016. The dance film uses disorientation as a strategy for making the embodied experience of dancing accessible through video. Juxtapositions of foreground and background create engaging mysteries and incongruities, in which the impossible becomes possible.

Trace (2016), a 22-minute dance for two women, extends the performers’ perception of touch into space beyond the confines of the skin by focusing on surfaces of the body as entry points into qualities of lightness, delicacy and precision.

Fuchs is an experimental choreographer with more than 25 years of experience. He developed his art-making perspective in the ‘downtown’ dance scenes of New York City and San Francisco, and his choreography for stage and screen has since been presented across the U.S. and as far afield as Western Australia. An associate professor of dance at TWU and a Fulbright Specialist, he has taught at numerous colleges across the U.S. and internationally in Taipei, Moscow, Puerto Rico, Australia, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In 2009 he founded the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, which he continues to coordinate.

The Jordan Fuchs Company is a project-based dance company directed by Jordan Fuchs. The company uses improvised and pre-set choreographic structures to create dynamic, engaged states of presence and physicality for dancers who are able to work in a variety of solo, partnering and ensemble contexts. Believing in the unmediated, expressive capacity of the human body in motion, the Jordan Fuchs Company values multiplicity of interpretation, disorientation and risk-taking.

The company has received choreographic commissions from Danspace Project and Dance New Amsterdam in New York City, Texas Christian University, Kristina Isabelle Dance Company in Ohio, Alfred University in New York and Perpetual Motion Dance in Oklahoma. In addition, the company has been presented by a number of New York City venues, including DTW, FLICfest, Movement Research at Judson Church, Dancenow/NYC, the Flea and the Performance Mix Festival. It also has been nationally presented by venues such as Sushi in San Diego, Dancer’s Group Footwork in San Francisco, Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, New Genre Arts Festival in Tulsa and the Fusebox Festival in Austin.

Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times calls the company, “an entire universe of throbbing, sprinting natural life… There was a sense not of pathways or travel, just of irresistible natural forces at work… magical.”

“Redefining chaos… Fuchs has found a perfect title for the illusion of delicate complexity that he has created... in the beguiling collaboration between the choreographer and composer Andy Russ...” says Deborah Jowitt of the Village Voice.

Nancy Wozny of Dancehunter describes the company as, “an electric field, where anything can happen, love, repulsion, support and mystery… To call it intense would seem like a gross understatement.”

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