TWU Dallas nursing students engage in poverty simulation

On Wednesday, April 26, senior nursing students participated in a diversity and cultural simulation aimed at promoting awareness of different adversities that their patients will face. The simulation, created by the Missouri Community Action Network, involved students experiencing the challenges that impoverished families encounter during a typical month, including unemployment, selling assets at the local pawn shop, avoiding eviction and finding a way to pay for food for their families, just to name a few.

The College of Nursing, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Student Life collaborated to put on the simulation for more than 100 students. Students were divided into family units of two to six, and were provided with a unique composition and set of circumstances, which included: employed/unemployed, child/childless, EBT/TANF, transportation, childcare and incarceration, among many others. Over the course of four-15 minute simulations, each 15 minutes representing one week in the life of an impoverished person, students experienced the trials and tribulations of completing daily tasks with limited/no income.

Tamera Starke, the simulation director, felt compelled to share this engaging method of raising awareness and educating school teachers and administrators, health care professionals and other community members who interface with this population every day. As a teacher and coach at a Title I school district in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Stark’s experiences with impoverished children inspired her to share the simulation, which is now being utilized by counselors in Tarrant County’s Independent School District and gaining national momentum by the day.

Texas Woman’s University is Pioneer Proud of our students, faculty and staff and their commitment to culturally diverse educational opportunities.

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