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Message About Holiday Media Coverage Concerns

Texas Woman's University has a long and storied history of going out of its way to make sure everyone, including Christians, feels comfortable in celebrating their traditions and their faiths at this time of year. For many decades, and still today, TWU has celebrated and is celebrating Christmas traditions that include: lighting celebrations; sending holiday cards; providing housing to students without places to stay; and our faculty and staff have given thousands of gifts to our students’ children, and community residents in need at this time of year.

Recently we published a collection of stories online offering tips for the holidays — giving back to the community, managing stress, keeping personal information safe online, and more. One story in this “holiday tips” package included suggestions from a Texas Woman’s University faculty member on possible alternatives to a traditional office holiday party. The story noted that employers may face challenges when planning a party that appropriately recognizes all faiths and backgrounds, and the article provided ideas on how employers can host gatherings that make all employees feel included.

We apologize for any concerns that this article may have caused our alumni and others. And we would like to assure everyone that Texas Woman’s University believes all people should be able to enjoy and celebrate Christmas and all other religious traditions.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope that no matter your faith, this holiday season finds you well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas...Happy Hanukkah … a Wonderful Kwanzaa ... and peace and good will in the new year.

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