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Texas Woman’s Alumna Tamala Austin juices her way to a healthy life and thriving business

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As the owner and founder of Jive Juice, Tamala Austin knows the secret to a soaring business, self-care and a slim waistline — fresh ingredients and a messy kitchen.

At the age of 41, Austin began juicing for health benefits out of her own kitchen.  Four years, 21 juices and an EMBA from Texas Woman’s University later, Austin now is fielding phone calls and offers from gymnasiums and grocery stores around the greater Houston area, who all are interested in selling Jive Juice.

Born and raised in Houston, Austin earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Texas Southern University. After graduation, she began working in the oil and gas industry until four years ago, when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Rather than relying on medication to manage her high blood pressure, Austin committed to making positive, healthy changes to her diet and began exercising.  She decided to try juicing and quickly fell in love with it.

“I started sharing my juices with my family and friends and the next thing I know, they’re calling me up and requesting I make more for them,” Austin said.

When she began to receive specific requests for juices, Austin researched how to package, market and sell her product.  She started to sell part time, while still working full time in the oil and gas industry. However, Austin wasn’t making the contacts she needed to really get her business up and running, so she decided to pursue her executive master’s degree in business administration and began taking classes at Texas Woman’s University in Houston.

“Being a single mom, I knew I could take online courses at Texas Woman’s, so I could continue to work, gain the insight and connections I needed to grow my business and still be a Mom.”

Austin was enrolled in the MBA Executive track program in Fall 2013 and graduated in Spring 2014. She completed a business plan for Jive Juice as her capstone or final project, zeroed in on how best to market and position her company and networked with industry leaders in Houston — which her professors connected her to — all as a part of her curriculum.

After graduating from Texas Woman’s, Austin earned her health coach certification and began to tap into the possibilities and potentials of her juices, specifically focusing on how they can help others improve their health. She noted that juicing can help ameliorate a variety of health issues including high blood pressure, diabetes, low sex drive and menopause to name a few.

“I believe any specific ailment we have we can be treated through what we eat.  I’ve seen it in myself and my family members,” she said.

Austin works with a team of doctors in Houston to concoct specific juice blends, each blend geared toward specific outcomes. Her favorite juice is called Sweet Beat — a blend of beets, carrots, apples, pineapples and ginger — and is great for your heart, liver and blood pressure. Jive Juice offers 21 different juices, and will deliver them to your home or office.

During the summer of 2016, Jive Juice had its official ribbon cutting at the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce, and Austin has committed herself full time to her burgeoning business. She will continue to operate out of her home and still makes all of her juices by hand, in her very own kitchen. Austin squeezes more than 75 juices per week on her busiest weeks and currently is fielding opportunities and exploring partnerships with Houston area gyms.

As Jive Juice blooms, Austin remains grounded and committed to helping others build their business. Currently, her team consists of three, including her 16-year-old daughter who works part-time. Austin wants to ensure young women start dreaming of owning their own business and understanding how important a solid education is to make that dream a reality. She offered her advice to any considering entrepreneurship:

“Get started now, don’t wait, and make your education a top priority, [it] will open more doors than you could ever imagine,” said Austin.

Business owner, juicer, accountant, health coach, mom, leader: all words that describe Tamala Austin, a true Pioneer and a proud Texas Woman.

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