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Student Life Update — Aug. 25, 2016

Two additional student-athletes have been released from a local hospital, bringing the total released from the hospital to 6.  The 2 remaining hospitalized student-athletes (1 in a local and 1 in a hometown hospital) are still improving.

In addition, the Denton County Health Department has concluded its investigation and shared with us its results. The Denton County Health Department's letter of Aug. 25th states, “our agency has concluded the following:

  • No evidence of a concern for the public’s health; these cases were localized to the team in question
  • Interview results showed signs and symptoms consistent with exertional rhabdomyolysis in hospitalized patients
  • Risk factors for exertional rhabdomyolysis were present in many of the interview data sets.”

Download Denton County Public Health Letter (pdf.)

To summarize where we are currently:

  • 8 student-athletes were sent to the hospital the weekend of Aug. 20th and diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.
  • 6 of these student-athletes have been released from the hospital and the 2 remaining hospitalized student-athletes are improving.
  • The university is undergoing a 360-degree investigation involving internal and external experts who are exploring all possibilities, including athletics practice, physical conditioning, nutrition and hydration.
  • The university is committed to being as transparent as federal privacy and medical privacy laws allow, while respecting the privacy and wishes of students.

As we have been doing all week, we are providing updates once new information becomes available. 


Monica Mendez-Grant

Vice President of Student Life

Media Contact

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