2016 News Releases

Update Regarding Student-Athletes - Aug. 24, 2016

Dear Texas Woman's University Community,

Three of our student-athletes have been released from a local hospital. The 4 remaining hospitalized student-athletes (3 in a local and 1 in a hometown hospital) are still improving. Chancellor Feyten visited the student-athletes and their families in the hospital yesterday, and they were in good spirits. 

As a university community, we care deeply about the health and well-being of all of our students. We all want answers to what caused this situation.  Yet, we owe it to everyone involved to conduct a thorough and fair investigation and not to jump to conclusions.  This is crucial so that going forward, we understand the factors that led to this happening, and we take the necessary steps to ensure that it never happens again. 

We are undergoing a 360-degree investigation involving internal and external experts who are exploring all possibilities including practice, conditioning, nutrition and hydration. 

We are committed to being as transparent as federal privacy and medical privacy laws allow while respecting the privacy and wishes of our students.  I assure you that once we know more information, we will continue to provide updates. 

Monica Mendez-Grant

Vice President of Student Life

Media Contact

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