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Student Life Update Regarding Student-Athletes - Aug. 23, 2016

UPDATE AT 4:15 p.m. - One of our student- athletes has been released from a local hospital. The remaining seven (6 in a local hospital and 1 in a hometown hospital) continue to improve.



Dear Texas Woman’s University community,

I know the entire university community wishes our student-athletes a speedy recovery.

Texas Woman’s has a student-first philosophy, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to students’ health and well-being.  I want to reiterate the importance of what I said yesterday, our students’ safety and security is the single-highest priority on our campus.  At TWU, our student-athletes are students first, and their health is of the utmost important to us. 

Although you may be hearing widespread speculation on what may have caused this situation to occur, the university is conducting a thorough investigation with the TWU Athletics Department and the Denton County Health Department.  The investigation is underway, and we will take appropriate actions as necessary.  I also want to assure you that we will provide routine updates on this situation.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) limit us on what information we can release about the student-athletes. What we can tell you is:

  •  7 student-athletes were taken to a local hospital.  One student-athlete chose to go to a hometown hospital.
  • All of the student-athletes continue to improve.  At no point in time did any of them experience life-threatening symptoms.
  • TWU Athletics staff, university officials and the Denton County Health Department have interviewed student-athletes both in the hospital and those who were not hospitalized as part of the investigation.

Again, please know that we are doing our utmost to ensure the health and safety of these student-athletes.

Monica Mendez-Grant
Vice President for Student Life

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