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TWU launches new informatics degree programs

TWU health informatics undergrad Andrea Mapua at her internship at UT Dallas Center for Brain Health

TWU health informatics undergraduate student Andrea Mapua at her internship at the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Brain Health. Photo by Ronda DuTeil

University encourages more women to enter lucrative technology careers by introducing high-demand data science degrees

With its recent bachelor’s degrees in informatics and health informatics — and a brand-new master’s degree in informatics — Texas Woman’s University is one of the first universities in the state to provide sought-after data science courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. TWU is establishing itself at the forefront of the increasingly competitive, in-demand and high-paying data analytics field.

“We’re always looking at the career needs of the 21st century so our students can stay on the cutting edge of the current job market,” said Jennifer Martin, interim TWU provost and vice president of academic affairs.

Within the health care industry alone, there is a need for up to 70,000 clinical informatics specialists/analysts in fields such as nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Also, as of 2014, all health care providers now are required under federal mandate to file medical records electronically, with more industries expected to follow suit in the coming years. This means unprecedented job growth for trained informatics professionals. 

The Jobs Rated Almanac for 2015 lists informatics-related fields in its top 10 salaries, including:

  • #6 Data Scientist: average income $124,149
  • #10 Computer Systems Analyst: average income $81,150

Building on the success of TWU’s popular informatics certificate — a five-course program that allows working professionals with a bachelor’s degree to supplement their training and boost their career prospects — the university’s faculty have added 39 new informatics courses in the last few years to create a multifaceted program with a total undergraduate and graduate portfolio of more than 70 courses. Each class is customized to create an interprofessional learning environment, allowing students from different disciplines to work side-by-side, collaborating in the classroom before teaming up in the workplace.

TWU currently is accepting applications for its informatics programs for the Fall 2016 semester. Individuals interested in applying for the program should visit the informatics program website for more information. The university recommends that applicants submit all required materials at least one month prior to the fall, spring or summer semester they would like to attend.

Although the tech industry typically has been a male-dominated field, there are a number of available jobs particularly appealing to women looking to get in on the ground floor of a developing market. For those interested in all of the challenges and rewards a job in technology has to offer, TWU’s new degree programs provide the tools women need to embark on an engaging career path with unlimited opportunities.

“By encouraging me to network with other female students and engage in conversations with supportive professors, TWU has given me the confidence I need to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry,” said Andrea Mapua, TWU health informatics undergraduate student and intern at the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Brain Health.

The study of informatics data is diverse and interdisciplinary by nature, and the potential career paths available to those with a degree in informatics are only as limited as ones imagination. Today’s data scientists and analysts are already transforming our society across a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • in technology: designing responsive and user-friendly websites, apps and games;
  • in health care: developing algorithms to assess the need for pediatric intensive care unit transfers for hospitalized children;
  • in environmental science: measuring levels of toxic elements in community water sources and tracking the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer; and
  • in marketing: predicting consumer interest to help sell products and services customized to meet consumer demand.


Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is the largest public university in the nation primarily for women and has an enrollment of approximately 15,000 students on campuses in Denton, Dallas and Houston. Since its founding in 1901, TWU has produced more than 88,000 graduates in fields vital to the growth and quality of life in Texas and the nation, including nursing, health care, education and business.

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