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University becomes first in Texas to offer Culinology® degree program

TWU student Michelle Tribble who placed 3rd on Season 14 of Hell's Kitchen.

Texas Woman’s University culinary science and food service management student Michelle Tribble placed 3rd during Season 14 of the popular television chef competition Hell’s Kitchen, which airs on the Fox network. Photo by Michael Modecki

Research Chefs Association-approved Culinology® program designation creates distinctive career path for community college undergraduates pursuing degrees in culinary science and food service management at TWU

Students who want to expand their culinary talents and pursue higher salaries in the growing culinary arts and food industries should check out the state’s first Culinology® program in culinary science and food service management this fall at Texas Woman’s University (TWU).

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) has announced the designation of TWU as the first approved Culinology® program in Texas to offer students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Culinary Science and Food Service Management. Community college students with an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Culinary Arts are automatically accepted into this TWU program.

In 2002, the RCA introduced this novel concept to the food product development community: a unified academic experience combining both culinary arts and food science training, giving students the opportunity to combine their knowledge and skill set to apply the Culinology® discipline — a blending of both fields.

Through RCA-approved undergraduate degree programs in the United States and Asia, students learn how closely the two components interconnect. These programs offer a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on culinary arts and food science, and also incorporates other elements of food product development, such as business management, nutrition, processing technology, and government regulations, to name a few.

“The addition of TWU’s new Culinology® degree program is a huge win for the food research and development industry, who tell us that having a trained Culinology® professional on staff improves team efficiency and enhances product quality and increases new product speed to market,” said Allison Rittman, CRC®, RCA Education Committee co-chair and corporate chef/owner of Culinary Culture. “The RCA is proud to partner with TWU’s Culinary Science and Food Service Management program, and we look forward to engaging their students as they complete their degrees and then welcoming them as professionals in the food industry.”

Shane Broughton, chair of TWU’s Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, added, “We are thrilled to be accepted by the RCA for this special program that enables students to pursue two certifications: Certified Research Chef® and Certified Culinary Scientist®. These certifications provide the food industry with product development employees who are Culinology® practitioners — food professionals with a deep understanding of food science and culinary arts.”

TWU is one of only 14 universities in the U.S. with a Culinology ® program — the nearest similar program is in Louisiana. TWU has six agreements in place with Texas community colleges and is rapidly expanding the new pathway with others across the state.

“This will allow us to strengthen the backgrounds of our graduates so that they will be in even greater demand in the job market,” said Broughton. “Upon completion of their TWU degree and after passing the exam, graduates will have the associate’s degree they arrived with, a BAS degree from TWU and an RCA Culinology® certification.”

Broughton said the new pathway has opened up a growing number of business partnerships that offer internships and job possibilities for TWU graduates with nearby (North Texas) food companies, including PepsiCo, Yum Brands, Pizza Hut, Valdez Spice, Tyson Foods and School Nutrition, as well as those across the state and beyond that are part of a multibillion-dollar global industry.


About the Texas Woman’s University Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

TWU’s Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences has achieved a long legacy of “firsts” over the past century— from creating the state’s first home economics labs and groundbreaking bone density research with NASA, to food safety training programs recently developed for the USDA. Today, the online master’s degree in nutrition program is ranked No. 7 in the nation by BestColleges.com. TWU also offers more “tracks” to students (nutrition science; culinary science and food service management; business and industry food and nutrition; dietetics; and wellness) than most other university programs in the nation. Texas Woman’s University’s main campus is in Denton, with health sciences campuses in Dallas and Houston. For more information, visit www.twu.edu.

About the Research Chefs Association:

Founded in 1996, the Research Chefs Association has rapidly grown to more than 2,000 members, including chefs, food scientists, technologists, writers, nutritionists, academics, researchers, consultants, sales and marketing professionals, suppliers, co-packers, distributors and students. RCA is the premier source of culinary and technical information for the food industry and is committed to the advancement of Culinology® — the blending of the culinary arts and food science. For more information on RCA Culinology® degree programs, visit www.culinology.org/page/culinology-degree-programs. For more information on Culinology® or the RCA, visit http://www.culinology.org/.

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