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University hosts 18th Annual Edible Car Contest

A team of five students stand around a table as their edible car entry is registered.

Students register their vehicle for the 18th annual Texas Woman’s University Edible Car Contest. Photo by Ronda DuTeil

“Fast Food” took on a whole new meaning during the 18th annual Edible Car Contest at Texas Woman’s University.

The event, held Feb. 12 in Hubbard Hall on the university’s Denton campus, featured cars made entirely out of food edible to human beings.  Teams of students from area middle and high schools competed for cash prizes totaling $600 and for recognition in categories such as “Best Smelling” and “Most Unique Use of Materials.” New on this year’s menu was the “Most Nutritious Materials” award for the best use of healthy options in car creations.

The Southwest Ballroom of Hubbard Hall was the staging area, with students going over last-minute details or putting their cars together. Posters outlined the students’ concept and materials used. Some even developed themes around their culinary creations, such as dressing as superheroes for the competition.

Designs included cars made from zucchini, cucumber or bread, with cookie or cake wheels on pretzel or candy cane axels and gumdrop hubcaps.

In addition to looking like cars, the students’ creations had to roll down a ramp without falling apart. Students’ whose cars didn’t make it to the bottom of the ramp intact were allowed to repair their vehicles and try again.

The event drew the attention of media outlets including the Denton Record-Chronicle and NBC 5.

A list of the 2016 winning teams and additional photos from the event are available online.

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