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Texas Woman’s University faculty are leaders in their field, with an extensive list of books to their credit. The Faculty Bookshelf is a sampling of their recent work, listing only books written or edited by university faculty members from all three campuses during the past two years. Topics run the range of bullying and social media to politics and policies in the European Union to nursing informatics. Details of the TWU faculty bookshelf are below. The list does not include their many works published in magazines and scholarly journals, nor the many papers presented at conferences.

Nursing and Health Sciences

Judith McFarlane (Nursing – Houston)
Community as partner:  Theory and practice in nursing (with E. Anderson), 7th ed. Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins.  2014

Mari Tietze (Nursing – Dallas)
Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse (with S. McBride). Springer. 2015

Sharon Denham (Nursing-Dallas)
Family-focused nursing care (with S. Eggenberger, P. Young and N. Krumwiede), F.A. Davis. 2015

Patricia Bowyer (Occupational Therapy – Houston)
Cases in pediatric occupational therapy assessment and Intervention (with S. Cahill), Slack, Inc. 2015

Gayle Hersch (Occupational Therapy – Houston)
Creative engagement in occupation:  Building professional skills (with M. Coffey and N. Lampert) Slack, Inc. 2015


Melinda Cowart and Gina Anderson (Teacher Education)
Editors, Professional practice in diverse settings:  Attitudes and dispositions that facilitate success.  Canh Nam Publishers 2015

Rebecca Fredrickson (Teacher Education)
Our bad:  Why practical life skills are missing, and what to do about it ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th eds.)  Acceleron. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Diane Myers (Teacher Education)
Classwide positive interventions and supports:  A proactive guide to classroom management (with B. Simonsen) Guilford Press. 2015

Laura Trujillo-Jenks (Teacher Education)
Case Studies on Safety, Bullying and Social Media (with K. Jenks), Francis & Taylor. 2016

Arts and Sciences

Phyllis Bridges (English, Speech, & Foreign Languages)
Marking new trails:  An informal history of Texas Woman’s University.  TWU Press. 2014

Sara Fanning (History and Government)
Caribbean crossing:  African Americans and the Haitian emigration movement. New York University Press. 2015

Jonathan Olsen (History and Government)
The European Union:  Politics and policies. 5th ed.  (with J. McCormick), Westview Press.  2014

AnaLouise Keating (Women’s Studies)
Editor, Gloria Anzaldua:  Light in the dark/Luz en lo oscuro:  Rewriting identity, spirituality, reality.  Duke University Press.  2015

Sandra Brackenridge (Social Work)
Because of flowers and dancers. Originally written in 1994 but self-published in 2015.

Jessica Gullion (Sociology and Social Work)
Fracking the neighborhoodReluctant activists and natural gas drilling. MIT Press. 2015

October birds:  A novel about pandemic influenza, infection control, and first responders. Sense Publishers 2014. 

Pamela Baker (School of Management)
Accounting essentials for managers, 4th ed. Electec Press. 2014

Richard Shuster (Music)
Gabriel Fauré:  The complete nocturnes. Fleur de Son. 2014.

Ellina Grigorieva (Mathematics and Computer Science)
Methods of solving non-standard problems. Birkhauser. 2015

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