MA in Music, Emphasis in Music Therapy / MS in Counseling and Development

Music therapy begins with the relationship between a patient and a music therapist. As a student in our music therapy program, you will learn to use music to achieve therapeutic outcomes, such as helping patients deal with disease, trauma, anxiety or pain. Music therapists often work to improve speech, social or coping skills; aid in physical rehabilitation; or even help people find meaning in the experience of creating or listening to music.

Upon completion of our dual degree program in music therapy and counseling, you will receive not only a master’s degree in both fields, but also will be eligible to apply for licensure as a professional counselor in Texas (LPC). The graduate curriculum is 64 semester hours for the dual program. If you are entering as a music therapist, this program will take approximately three years to complete. If you are not entering as a music therapist (e.g., an equivalency student), this program will take about four years to complete due to undergraduate course requirements.

Why TWU?

  • Our music therapy program is the oldest ongoing program in Texas and one of the first in the nation. TWU is one of only 5 universities in Texas offering music therapy degrees, and we are approved by the American Music Therapy Association.
  • We provide both academic and clinical training, with a focus on experiential, hands-on learning through extensive practicum and internship experience. Students of our music therapy program have worked in local children’s theaters, community centers, hospitals and schools.
  • Our Student Association for Music Therapy provides educational and social opportunities for you to develop music therapy skills and friendships outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Our small class sizes will allow you to reflect on and process your training, enhancing the quality of your practice and fostering the growth of your character.
  • Many of our former students have established successful clinics of their own, and they often hire current TWU music therapy students and interns.
  • We welcome new and auditioning students as well as students from other disciplines. Graduate students wishing to work toward certification may complete our music therapy equivalency program, which may be done at the same time the student completes some graduate courses toward the master’s degree.

Degree Details

Admission Requirements

Students interested in completing the dual degree must complete separate applications to BOTH departments/programs through the Graduate School. If a student has already been admitted to one program, it is only necessary to complete the application process for the other and declare the intention to pursue the dual degree option. Dual degree students must declare their intentions to pursue this option prior to the completion of 12 semester credit hours of graduate credit toward their degrees.

Admission to the TWU Graduate School

When you apply to the TWU Graduate School, we will evaluate your academic achievement and preparation, as well as your standardized test scores if required. All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admissions to the TWU Graduate School. In addition, most graduate programs have additional admission requirements that must be completed. These requirements can be found on each graduate program website. After acceptance, you will need to begin your program within one year, unless a deferral has been approved by the program.

Check out the links below for specific admissions information:

*Admission to the M.A. in Music (Music Therapy)

Program Contact

Dr. Pamela Youngblood

Application Deadlines

No deadline, rolling admission

Admission requirements

  • A student with a bachelor’s degree in music, but not in music therapy, may apply for admission to the M.A. in Music with an emphasis in Music Therapy. However, these students will be admitted provisionally with the stipulation that they complete all equivalency coursework and clinical experience that make them eligible for board certification by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. This equivalency coursework usually consists of about 50 undergraduate semester hours, most of which can be taken concurrently with graduate coursework in a carefully planned program. As part of the undergraduate equivalency coursework, a six-month internship is required prior to removal from provisional status and enrollment in any graduate practicum coursework.
  • Students whose undergraduate degree is not in music will not be admitted to the M.A. in Music with an emphasis in Music Therapy. Rather, they may apply as post-bachelor’s degree students to complete equivalency requirements and/or a second bachelor’s degree. Completion of these requirements will lead to eligibility to take the national board certification examination in music therapy.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admission to the TWU Graduate School.
  2. Complete the Music Entrance and Scholarship Audition Application Form online. Fill out the form completely before submitting. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.*
  3. A letter of recommendation must be emailed from your current private teacher or ensemble director to and received prior to the audition.*
  4. Audition on the primary instrument.*
  5. Take the Placement Exam prior to the beginning of the first semester of registration.*
    *Only required if applicant wishes to be considered for performance base scholarships.

Music therapy students who do not have the appropriate professional certification (i.e., MT-BC) must complete all eligibility requirements for that exam prior to the awarding of the master’s degree in Music with an emphasis in Music Therapy.

*Admission to the Counseling and Development Graduate Programs

Program Contact

Joel H. Muro, Ph.D.

Application Deadlines

Fall – March 15
Spring – September 15

Admission Requirements

  • Hold an earned bachelor’s degree.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA for the last 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate study and a minimum of 3.0 GPA for all prior graduate work.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admission to the TWU Graduate School.
  2. Participate in an interview day with program faculty. A role play group session and a writing sample are required on the interview day.
  3. Individuals applying for the school counseling "certification" only must have a Master’s degree, a Texas teaching certificate, and two years minimum of classroom teaching experience by the end of the program to be licensed by the state.

Additional Resources

For our dual degree program, you must be admitted separately to each department. However, you may submit one application specifying your interest in the dual degree program. The TWU Family Sciences Department requires an in-person interview for admission to the counseling program.


For more information about our dual degree program, submit an Information Request Form or contact Lamar Muro, PhD, LPC, at

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