COVID-19 Guidelines

Important Update on COVID-19 Guidelines

Last week, the TWU Emergency Policy Group, in association with the TWU Office of Risk Management, met to evaluate safety protocols for youth camps and determined that, in light of the increase in infection rates due to the Delta variant, the following requirements would be in place through August 9, 2021:
Participants must provide documentation of one of the following:
1. COVID-19 vaccination 
2. A negative PCR (COVID-19) test within 5 days before camp begins
The camp staff sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this might cause. To express our appreciation to you for adding a step to the registration process, we are providing the campers with a bag of TWU memorabilia and and multiple opportunities to win prizes. 
TWU places the safety of students visiting our campus uppermost on its list of priorities, and has this policy in place for all athletic, academic, and music camps.
We are committed to helping you meet these requirements by supplying you with the information you need. 

COVID-19 Vaccination

If your child has been vaccinated, take a picture of his/her vaccination card and email it to Write your child’s last name and “vaccination card” in the subject line.
Your child does NOT have to be vaccinated to participate in camp. You can opt for testing instead.

COVID-19 Testing

If your child has not been vaccinated, within 5 days before camp begins, he/she will have to get a PCR (COVID-19) test. Please email the results to Write your child’s last name and “test results” in the subject line.

CVS Pharmacy

You can get free testing at a CVS Pharmacy. Go to the following link and enter your zip code to find the testing site nearest you—

  1. Complete the form online. When asked for the reason for testing, select the following:
    1. Travel and exposure
    2. Are you seeking a test to comply with CDC state or local health department guidelines?
  2. The swabbing procedure is self-administered and only requires a sample from the nasal passage.
  3. Results will be emailed 1-2 days after the test.

If you are interested, CVS also provides free COVID-19 vaccines.

Other Testing Sites

The Texas Department of State Health Services testing website includes an interactive map of all testing locations.


If you have any questions about the TWU COVID-19 guidelines or testing procedure, please contact:

Matt Moustakas, Executive Director of Risk Management 
(940) 898-2924


Page last updated 5:16 PM, July 6, 2021