John Flohr, EdD

Professor Emeritus


Phone: (940) 898-2500


John W. Flohr, EdD, published numerous articles, books, videos, audio recordings, and computer programs. Recently his research, writing, and presentations addressed music and neuroscience, technology, and early childhood.

Flohr received his undergraduate degree at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota and master’s and doctorate in music education from the University of Illinois-Urbana. Previous academic appointments include the Illinois public schools and the University Illinois. Since 2008 he teaches part-time and mentors PhD students for Walden University.

Recent Honors and Service

President, Texas Music Educators Conference, 2004-2006 Fulbright Senior Specialist Program, and Faculty Fellow, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Arts Education Partnership, Washington, D.C.). One of his books, Musical Lives of Children, was recently translated into Chinese. In 2017 he won the Walden University Bernard L. Turner award for doctoral student mentoring. He enjoys working with students on research and runs a solar energy company in Pennsylvania. 

Recent Publications

Flohr, J.W. (2017). 小孩子的音乐生活 (Musical Lives of Young Children). Nanjing, China: Nanjing Normal University Press. Chinese translation.

Flohr, J. W. & Persellin, D.C. (2013). Move to learn! More strategies based on recent brain research. Perspectives, 8(4), 14-18. Retrieved from

Flohr, J. W., Persellin, D. C., Miller, D. C., & Meeuwsen, H. (2011). Relationships among music listening, temperament, and cognitive abilities of four-year-old children. Visions of Research in Music Education, 17.

Flohr, J. W. & Persellin, D. C. (2011). Applying brain research to children’s musical experiences. In S. Burton & C. Taggart (Eds.), Learning from Young Children (pp. 3-22). New York: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

Flohr, J.W., & Trollinger, V.L. (2010). Music in Elementary Education. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Flohr, J.W. (2007). Rhythm Performance Test-Revised [Computer software and manual]. Champaign, IL: Electronic Courseware Systems is being used in Dallas Public Schools Assessment.

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