Tri-fold Brochure Templates

  1. Pick the COVER style you want to use for your brochure - remember the option letter.
  2. Choose the TEMPLATE you want for your brochure - remember the option letter.
  3. Then, follow the directions for creating or updating a department brochure.

Cover Options

Trifold Cover A
Cover A

Trifold Cover B

Cover B

Trifold Cover C

Cover C

Trifold Cover D

Cover D

Trifold Cover E

Cover E

Trifold Cover F

Cover F

Trifold Cover G

Cover G

Trifold Cover H

Cover H


Brochure Templates

Template A

Trifold Cover A -900px

Template A Outside

Trifold Inside A -900px

Template A Inside

Template B

Trifold Cover B -900px

Template B Outside

Trifold Inside B -900px

Template B Inside

Template C

Option C Cover

Template C Outside

Option C Inside

Template C Inside

Template D

Trifold Cover D -900px

Template D Outside

Trifold Inside D -900px

Template D Inside

Template E

Trifold Cover E -900px

Template E Outside

Trifold Inside E -900px

Template E Inside

Template F

Trifold Cover F -900px

Template F Outside

Trifold Inside F -900px

Template F Inside

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