Customized Retractable Banners

  • Each banner measures 36 x 83.25 inches and comes in a lightweight carrying case.  
  • Select a template (see below) and submit text and photos approved by your department head.
  • Photo file sizes: at least 1MB; 3MB for photos that span the width of the banner.
  • Submit everything at one time to Expect a 3-4 week production and printing time from day of submission until banner deliver. Please plan accordingly to avoid rush charges.
  • Personalized banners cost approximately $230 each (without rush charges). Departments must provide an account number for payment before the banner will be ordered.

Marketing & Communication also has retractable banners featuring the university logo that are available for checkout. 

Option A

Customized Banner Option A

Option B

Customized Banner Option B

Option C

Customized Banner Option C

Option D

Customized Banner Option D

Option E

Customized Banner Option E

Option F

Customized Banner Option F

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