Photo Services

Marketing & Communication has a list of approved freelance photographers (listed at bottom of page), should a professional be needed. Also, most modern smartphones have cameras capable of taking high-resolution photos that can then be cropped and edited.

Please note: Freelance photographer fees are the responsibility of individual departments, not Marketing & Communication's operating budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a release form signed by people in my photos?

Yes! Please ensure the TWU Photo Release Consent Form is completed and signed when taking photos of people. This includes photos taken by faculty, staff and freelance photographers. The only exception to this is photos of crowds.

Where can I find professionally taken images for my promotional materials?

Marketing & Communication maintains an account with PhotoShelter, a photo sharing service that soon will have images available for university use.

Where do I go to find old university photos?

The University Archive contains photos taken since the founding of the TWU. Ask an Archivist.

What type of photos are university departments responsible for?

Generally, departments are responsible for covering their own internal events, individual headshots and group photos, and photographs used for internal/on-campus promotional materials (flyers, posters, etc.) and social media.

What is the role of the University’s photographer?

TWU's official university photographer is a member of the Marketing & Communication staff who is responsible for capturing and managing compelling images that advance TWU’s brand and align with the strategic plan and university priorities. This photography delivers a visual story to audiences that include prospective students, alumni, and traditional and new media channels. Photos are taken with an artistic eye and a broad perspective that showcases the university as a whole.

If you feel you have a photographic need that fits these requirements, please contact Marketing & Communication at 940-898-3454. Your request must meet a need outlined as a university priority.

Freelance Photographers

Freelancers can be hired for headshots or event coverage. Departments must use an approved freelance photographer, options listed below.

The department hiring the photographer pays for their time, typically $150/hour unless otherwise negotiated.

Denton & Dallas

Shawn Saumell - Events


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