English, Speech, & Foreign Languages

B.A. in English

  1. ​Communicate effectively to diverse audiences using a range of media and technology.
  2. Organize, synthesize, and evaluate the credibility of information, such as, but not limited to, a range of academic and non-academic sources and use this knowledge to make ethical decisions.
  3. ​Use effective research strategies to inform argument-driven projects.

M.A. in English

  1. Effectively gather, interpret, and evaluate information from multiple sources.
  2. Systematically interpret, evaluate, and critique language within various socially significant contexts.
  3. Compose clear communication in a variety of rhetorically significant genres and modes.
  4. Create compelling evidence-based arguments with supportive details.

Ph.D. in Rhetoric

  1. Proficiently organize large amounts of information and analyze complex ideas in order to communicate key concepts via concise and compelling oral and written statements.
  2. ​Effectively design and conduct research projects that challenge existing knowledge and provide needed answers or solutions to problems.
  3. ​Formulate and defend sophisticated arguments while employing clear, articulate, professional quality prose.
  4. ​Lead teams of writers and content producers to create and edit rhetorically effective communications by setting clear goals, encouraging creativity and innovation, and providing targeted feedback.

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