B.A. in Dance

  1. Effectively communicate movement theories, dance science concepts and pedagogical ideas when observing, teaching and practicing as a movement specialist and critically responding to others in such situations
  2. Engage in and develop critical thinking utilizing artistic and pedagogical models to create, problem solve, implement and evaluate such projects as community dance experiences, performance and choreographic projects, presentations and curriculum planning
  3. Develop interpersonal leadership skills by engaging in cooperative group learning while demonstrating effective social-emotional attributes when planning events and creating projects including dance outreach projects, dance and drill team companies, performance seasons and fundraising activities

M.A. in Dance

  1. Develop communication skills by speaking, writing and moving effectively in diverse forums relevant to the job title at different levels, conveying complex information to diverse audiences, and presenting in front of large or small groups using performance and dance improvisation process models.
  2. Enlarge critical thinking by engaging in inquiry, planning, problem creation, and problem solving utilizing sophisticated movement theories, dance science concepts and pedagogical models for use in community projects, fitness programs, studio, and public school settings.
  3. Develop professional leadership skills by initiating and creating projects that fall within a mission of an organization as a professional including conference panels, dance curriculums, performances, workshops, festivals, and outreach activities for diverse populations.

M.F.A. in Dance

  1. Acquire sophisticated analysis and improvisation skills by applying advanced research methods, body work techniques, movement analysis and creative process models, to develop, synthesize and understand complex content, creatively problem solve, manage details, make decisions about abstract information when a problem asks for it.
  2. Obtain project management skills by developing, planning, managing and evaluating professional projects that fall within a mission of an organization by using artistic, community and pedagogical dance models and leading independent dance events, dance companies and/or arts organizations.
  3. Cultivate ethical team work and cooperative learning skills by applying collaborative dance making models to develop the appropriate personal and professional values and an ability to make sound judgments based on work-related situations in groups.
  4. Develop interpersonal skills by using movement analysis theories, personal management, and collaborative dance-making models when working with performance groups and producing creative products with teams.

Ph.D. in Dance

  1. Obtain an ability to analyze and problem-solve including framing information, breaking down information, sequencing it, and creating an organizational framework for it.
  2. Develop the skills for research and information management by information gathering, data collection and synthesizing.
  3. Create a commentary/story selecting which findings to highlight and describe them in a coherent, concise way that tells a meaningful narrative in oral and written contexts.
  4. Develop an ability to organize and manage a cohesive project while working independently and self-directing with minimal supervision in a competitive environment, performing effectively under pressure.

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