Arts & Sciences

B.A.A.S. in Professional Studies

  1. Problem Solving- Studying complex problem scenarios with fellow peers and faculty, will afford students the opportunity for solution based reasoning.
  2. Adaptability- By being exposed to different teaching styles and learning environments, students in Professional Studies will be able to adapt to multi-tasking and multi response style learning.
  3. Teamwork- Working in groups within the BAAS degree will expose and prepare students in entering an environment where working as a team to reach a common goal is considered to be essential.

B.G.S. - Bachelor of General Studies

  1. Teamwork - Graduates of the BGS program will obtain skills to build positive working relationships by engaging in group think strategies and completing group assignments within online learning environments.
  2. Innovation and Creativity - Graduates of the BGS program will be able to contribute new ideas and create new systems to positively change processes in organizations by engaging in and completing various tasks across multiple disciplines.

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