Unleashing the future of education for doctoral students

A journey for professional growth and classroom impact

Phyliciá Anderson along with professors Mandy Stewart, PhD, and JaNiece Elzy, EdD

Phyliciá Anderson knows the importance of engaging in research and scholarly work. She recalls attending her first AERA conference with the intent to merely observe and see what it had to offer. Her co-chairs had always encouraged her to submit her research to different conferences, and she discovered that sharing her research with others is an essential part of her professional growth and development as a doctoral student. 

Anderson's research focuses on Black language and culturally relevant literature, a topic that can often be considered a touchy subject. She hesitated to submit for a third presentation at the AERA conference because it would be the first time she was sharing her work as the only author. So when she learned that her submission was accepted, she was elated to see that her research topic was valued and appreciated.

The experience has been incredibly rewarding for Anderson.

"Conducting research early on in my program has helped me shape my dissertation goals and research interests," she explains. "From presenting on multimodality, to evolving into cultural relevance in literature and language, I have been able to collaborate with faculty members and attend conferences to further my understanding of the field."

But it's not just about the present. For Anderson, the research she is doing now is also important in developing her skills for the future.

"My ultimate goal is to become a researcher/professor who can take theory and apply it in a school setting," she says. "Attending conferences and conducting research has been crucial to my professional growth as a doctoral student. These opportunities have allowed me to network with other professionals and shape my research interests to ultimately make an impact in classrooms."

Anderson's background in journalism, her minor in Spanish, and her teaching experience as an English teacher allows her to find where her interests intersect and where she could cultivate her research interests. She has a passion for ensuring theoretical ideas discussed at conferences and other academic arenas are being implemented in classrooms.

Anderson's story shows the importance of engaging in research and scholarly work as a doctoral student, not just for the present but for the future of education and to make a lasting impact in classrooms.

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