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Giving to the Woman’s Collection

The Woman’s Collection and University Archives depends on the support of the public to acquire, preserve, and make available historical materials on the history of women throughout the United States. In addition, we rely on the general public to support our initiatives to collect local and regional history of Denton County as well as the history of Texas. Collection donations as well as monetary gifts and endowments are always welcome. These contributions add to our rich historical materials and help support our work to care for collections, provide access to and discoverability of rare and historic materials, and to promote their use in education, research and scholarship.

What to Donate:

We work closely with donors to identify materials of research interest that should be preserved so that the historical record can be fully documented. It is not possible for the Woman’s Collection to accept all materials that are offered. Some of the most common reasons include duplication of materials, condition, format, or subject areas in which we do not collect.
  • Women’s History – Donations of material related to women’s accomplishments and participation in American culture and society are welcome including photographs, films, documents, books, newspapers, articles, printed materials, drawings, journals, diaries, audio, interviews, artifacts, clothing and textiles. Subject and biographical files about women containing research, news clippings, articles, and photographs are always welcome.
  • Personal and Family Papers – The personal papers of individuals and families are essential documents in the telling of our past. This means not just the papers of the well-known and prominent figures of our time, but also the farmers, laborers, educators, homemakers, and nurses. The following types of materials are always considered for donation: letters, diaries; speeches; lectures; photo albums; scrapbooks; memoirs; reminiscences; photographs, professional files, and geographic information.
  • Organization Records – The records of our many and varied organizations are vital in documenting women’s engagement in our communities. Records that document the social, religious, political, and business involvement of American women are crucial to the historical record. The following types of materials are desired by the Woman’s Collection: articles of incorporation, constitutions, bylaws, meeting minutes, correspondence, planning documents, architectural records, legal documents, reports, memoranda, newsletters, directories, press releases, membership records, and research, biographical, and subject files.
  • Publications – Desired publications include county, community, church, and business histories, family histories and genealogies, county atlases, business magazines, organization newsletters, aviation journals and magazines, all journals and magazines about and relating to women.
  • Books –
  • Media –
  • Ephemera –
Please contact us with more detailed information about your materials and to discuss the donation process.

Monetary Donations:

Archival collections frequently need financial support to enable timely processing and to underwrite the costs of long-term high security storage. Such funds are used to organize, maintain, and care for our collections so that they be preserved and made available for future generations. Examples of how your direct funding may be used include:
  • Hiring additional staff for large-scale arrangement, description, and metadata creation projects.
  • Purchase of acid-free, lignin-free containers that aid in preservation efforts.
  • Conservation of fragile and deteriorating materials.
The Woman’s Collection and University Archives encourages its patrons and friends to consider making a financial donation. Gifts made in honor or in memory of a family, friend, corporation, or an organization are always welcome. Monetary gifts play a crucial role in supporting the Woman’s Collection and University Archives, its collections, and its outreach programs. Here are just a few opportunities that would benefit from your financial gift:
  • Collection Acquisition and Preservation – a contribution to the collections acquisition and preservation projects supports collection development and the preservation of manuscripts and records vital to our cultural heritage. Also provides support for the purchase of research collections or specific books. Many collections of books are donated to the Woman’s Collection each year, but there is an ongoing need to buy rare and uniquely significant pieces to match the research and curriculum needs of our users.
  • Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II – Help us continue to build, preserve, and make available our world-renowned WASP Collection.
  • Whirly Girls International – Help us to build a digital repository dedicated to this international group of women helicopter pilots including Germany’s Hannah Reitsch.
  • Women Military Aviators
  • – A contribution that enables the Woman’s Collection to provide job opportunities to undergraduate or graduate students interested in the field of archives and public history. These funds support paid internships and general student staffing focused on a specific collection.
  • Outreach Programming – Support for outreach programming enables the Woman’s Collection and University Archives to continue its ambitious outreach programs, including presentations, workshops, seminars, lectures, exhibits, educational materials, and digital projects.


Donations can also be made to our special collections and archives’ endowment funds. These funds provide support for collection acquisition and preservation and to our outreach and programming initiatives. If the preservation of our past is important to you, please consider a gift to the Woman’s Collection or contributing to the establishment of a new endowment to assist us in our mission.

List and description of all endowments –

The Woman’s Collection will work with donors to publicly acknowledge donations of materials and financial gifts as appropriate and to the best of our abilities. Please contact us for more information about gifts, endowments, or bequests or how you can help us preserve history.

For More Information:

All donations and gifts of material require a Deed of Gift or an In Kind Deed of Gift Agreement. We encourage all donors to read our Collection Development Policy and the following documents: A Guide to Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to a Repository and A Guide to Donating Your Organizational Records to a Repository. Some of the information in both of these brochures is from the following sources: Society of American Archivists; Collection Development Handbook for the Woman’s Collection; and the Women’s Collection Development Policy.
To discuss donating a collection of personal papers, photographs, publications, books, or organizational records to the Woman’s Collection, contact us anytime. We are always ready to help you find the right home for your treasures. If you require any additional information about the Woman’s Collection and its programs to help you determine if we are the right repository for you, let us know and we will be happy to send you additional information and materials. Your support is greatly appreciated. We could not do what we do without the efforts, assistance, and support of our donors and friends. Because what we do today, makes a difference tomorrow.

Donation Areas

Restricted gifts may be directed to the following areas:
  • Research fellowships
  • Funded staff positions
  • Funded student positions
  • Endowments for special Woman's Collection projects
  • The WASP Endowment

Donating research materials, photographs or other historically significant artifacts is also a great way to make a tax-deductible contribution to the TWU Woman's Collection. Additional opportunities for giving may be further explored by contacting the Dean of Libraries or the Coordinator for Special Collections, P.O. Box 425528, Denton, TX, 76204-5528; 940-898-3751 or email

The mailing address for the TWU Womans Collection is:

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