Books or Media Purchase

Use the Request Book/Media Purchase form to recommend a book, or other type of resource for the library. Submit it online or print and send it to Collection Development/Acquisitions. Please use a separate form for each item. 

Request Here! (portal account required)

Recommendations for Library Materials

Before submitting a recommendation, please check the TWUniversal, to see if the item you need is already owned by the library or on order. Check your department's internal procedures before making purchase requests to see if approval by your department chair or Library Liaison is required. Recommendations will be evaluated by the department's Library Liaison and purchased as funding permits. All materials requested must support the teaching programs of the University.   Requests for materials may be submitted on the electronic form, by email, or by sending the information to Collection Development at Blagg-Huey Library. If your request is for an item that must be purchased from a small press or an individual, please include the address. Requests for materials with insufficient information will be returned.  If you submit your recommendation online, it will automatically be sent to Collection Development/Acquisitions, Blagg-Huey Library.  For assistance or additional information, please contact Collection Development