Leadership Development

LeaderShape taught me the holistic ways of leadership. We explored our passions and values to find our niche in the world. They showed me how to turn my dreams into a reality.

Haley Penn, Class of 2017


LeaderShape is a yearly conference and week-long intensive leadership training program. National sessions are held in either Boston, MA or Champaign, IL. Leadership Institute members that participate in the LeaderShape conference are in for the experience of a lifetime as they interact with students from across the country and learn exactly what type of leader they wish to be. The Leadership Institute considers this to be one of the best leadership conferences in the United States.


LeaderShape’s dynamic, group-oriented activities and simulations provided a safe and supportive environment that helped me feel confident to be myself and be a better person so I can create a better tomorrow.

Hannah Hogg, Class of 2017

Leadership Certificate

Members of the Leadership Institute can earn a Leadership Certificate from TWU. This certificate requires 13 hours of upper division courses in an organized and integrated course of study. Foundations of the certificate:

  • Principles of Business Leadership (BUSC 4343)
  • Women in Leadership (GOV 4133)
  • Two electives from an approved list provided by your department
  • One hour Leadership seminar
The three phases of the leadership certificate: Foundation, Building Blocks, and Synthesis.

You must have a minimum grade of a B in all leadership certificate courses. Visit the Leadership Institute office in Stoddard Hall, Room 103 for more information.