Student Organizations

Kinesiology Club

TWU Kinesiology Club Facebook Group

Purpose: An organization for undergraduate Kinesiology students that promotes the personal, professional and social well-being of its members through participation in community service, listening and interacting with professionals in our field, and enjoying activities together. The club has eight lunch meetings a year, four breakfasts during midterm week each semester, a job fair and banquet.

Dues: $30 for entire undergraduate career
Location: Denton Campus
Sponsor: Janelle Davis

TWU Pre-Physical Therapy Club

Purpose: To create a community for students pursuing an education and career in physical therapy. Through this club, we will provide students with opportunities to hear guest speakers and educational presentations, resources for observation hours, notice for PT tech job openings, and tours of the North Texas graduate schools.

Dues: $20/year
Location: Denton only
Sponsor: Mary Beth Daughterty

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