Scholarship Opportunities

How to apply for scholarships

Interested in studying Kinesiology? You may be eligible for a scholarship. Check out the TWU Scholarships Database and enter the keyword "Kinesiology" for a list of scholarships just for Kinesiology students.

Other financial aid information is available on the Financial Aid website.

Kinesiology scholarships

  • Biomechanics Scholarship: For graduate students majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in biomechanics and working in the biomechanics lab.
  • Anne Schley Duggan Endowed Scholarship: For sophomore-level or above full-time students majoring in Kinesiology.
  • Herb & Della French Scholarship Endowment: For a highly qualified undergraduate student pursuing a career in adapted physical education.
  • Heritage Health Solutions, Inc., Scholarship in Kinesiology: For post-graduate degree Kinesiology students, with a preference for doctoral students and those interested in work with military veterans.
  • Kinesiology Department Scholarship: For a full-time Kinesiology student.
  • The Darlene A. Kluka Scholarship: For graduate-level Kinesiology student majoring in Exercise and Sports Nutrition, with professional promise.
  • Ivalene & Robert Sherrill Scholarship: For graduate students majoring in Adapted and Developmental Physical Education with an outstanding record of service for disabled persons.
  • Marguerite Ann Murphy Scholarship: For a full-time Kinesiology student.
  • Sanborn Scholarship: For a full-time Kinesiology student.

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