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Government regulations and university policy require every person in the United States with J-1 or F-1 status to maintain health insurance with minimum provisions of coverage. For more information about international student health insurance please link to the Student Health Services international page.

In addition our policy states that all new international students and other new students from high incidence areas, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will be required to be screened for Tuberculosis with the Mantoux text. This screening is to be initiated prior to attendance of the first day of class at TWU. A student's attendance in classes will be blocked in the event of noncompliance with this health requirement or in the event of failure to release the results of the screening to the TWU Student Health Services.

This test may be performed at the TWU Student Health Services (except on Thursdays) or one of its subcontracting health clinics in Dallas or Houston.The TB screening and chest clearance form may also be completed by your personal physician in your home country prior to travel to the USA. This form can be down loaded and printed (see below) to take to your personal physician. The student being screened for Tuberculosis will have the additional responsibility of providing the results of the testing to the TWU International Education Office. This information will then be entered in the immunization tracking system that will allow assurance of compliance with this policy.

Noncompliance with tuberculosis screening or with necessary preventive or therapeutic care may result in blocking a student's attendance in classes. The complete policy can be located at

Should you have questions, you may contact Office of International Education at 940-898-3338.

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