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History/Government London, UK Dr. Lybeth Hodges
Dr. Barbara Presnall
HIST/GOVT 4903/5903: British Culture and Politics
Visual Arts France, Greece, Russia, England, Scotland, Italy Belgium, Netherlands Dr. John Calabrese Art History
Nursing Various countries Dr. Joan Edwards
Dr. Stoerm Anderson
Nursing 4902
Drama Various Countries: Ireland, Czech Republic, Scotland Sharon Benge  Drama 4903/5903
School of Management

Various Countries
Turkey, Mar 16-25, 2012

Dr. Ann Hughes
Dr. David Rylander 
BUS 5523
Sociology Greece Dr.Mahmoud Sadri SOCI 4903
Health Studies Belize Dr. Jody Terrell HS 4903
Honors Program Europe/UK Dr. Guy Litton Honors Program
Fashion & Textiles

Various Countries
2012 - Italy

Dr. Sheri Dragoo
Dr. Anna  Magie
FT 3173: Global Fashion Study

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