• Do not travel outside of the U.S. without first notifying the International Office by completing a Travel Endorsement Request Form
  • Make sure:
    • you hold a Continued Attendance I-20 (or a Transfer I-20 from TWU)
    • the second page of the I-20 has been signed for travel
    • the signature is not older than 1 year (you may request a new I-20 if the signature is close to a year old). On OPT, you should obtain a travel signature every 6 months for travel.
  • If your visa has expired, you will have to obtain a new visa in order to return to the U.S. For a visa renewal, we recommend you take the following with you:
    • current official transcript
    • evidence of pre-registration for the upcoming semester (if applicable)
    • letter of good standing from OIE
    • letter from your employer (if applicable)
    • evidence of financial means in the amount shown on your I-20

Page last updated 8:58 AM, June 5, 2017