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Welcome to the Office of Human Resources

Cabinet Approval of TWU Compensation Philosophy

The Chancellor’s Cabinet approved the attached TWU Compensation Philosophy document at its meeting on December 16, 2013.  This process leading to the TWU philosophy statement has been positive with the participation of many people and groups. The final philosophy statement was revised to include input from the open sessions and the Faculty Senate.  It will be presented to the Board of Regents at the February 21, 2014 Board of Regents meeting.  We are on target to complete the review of peer faculty and staff salaries early this spring semester with a goal of using the information gained to make salary recommendations for the FY2015 budget year. The Chancellor’s Cabinet wants to express appreciation to each of you for your interest and participation in this very important project.  Special thanks is given to the compensation philosophy committee chaired by Dr. Stankey.  The campus community will be kept informed as we continue to develop the TWU Compensation Plan. 

 Compensation Project

As Dr. Neely and Dr. Floyd mentioned in the Faculty and Staff open sessions in April and May 2013, Sibson Consulting outlined their Final Program Recommendations on the Academic and Administrative Compensation Review Many of you will be asked to serve on various task forces, advisory groups and committees as we transition from the “Study” phase to the “Project” phase.  The Compensation Project will have various short, intermediate and long term goals with completion dates ranging from Summer 2013 to the Fall of 2015.

As committed by the university leadership to continually ensure that this entire endeavor maintain transparency, the below boxed links will be your reference to track the Compensation Project from now until conclusion.  As task forces, advisory groups, committees and individuals work on the below linked Faculty and Staff Action Lists, they will be responsible for and charged with maintaining updates.  If you see active links within each Action List below, that means there is current progress and activity that can be reviewed.

If you have difficulty in accessing a link, please contact Estela Long, Manager of Compensation at or X3548.

Faculty Action List  Staff Action List

All members of Task Forces, Advisory Groups, Committees and Individuals assigned to work on the Compensation Project.  It will be your responsibility to ensure timely updates are sent to the Office of Human Resources for linking and publication.