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Guidebook for Change and Stress Management

Change and Stress Management Resource Guide

Change and Stress Management 

Workplaces are dynamic and consistently changing. For many, that can present unanticipated challenges and stress. Effective stress management helps you to enjoy a happier, healthier, and more productive work and personal life. Here are a few LinkedIn Trainings and EAP Articles. Attached is a Stress Management Guide with a few tips on how to manage change and burnout. 

Change and Stress Management Guidebook

Preparing Yourself for Change Is change really the problem? From your personal and professional life, to broader changes to the world at large, dealing with change can be challenging even in the best of times. Change may be inevitable, but within modern organizations, it often feels like the world is changing rapidly at the hands of unseen forces. In this course, business psychologist Erin Shrimpton provides you with tools to help you not only survive changes in your work life, but thrive in uncertain times. To help explain why change can be so challenging, Erin begins by discussing the common psychological responses it brings about. She then delves into techniques and strategies you can use to protect yourself—and even give yourself a boost—while navigating change in your workplace and beyond. 

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed An overview of overwhelmFeeling overwhelmed is common. It’s a sign that the demands on your time and energy have surpassed your ability to cope with them. Sometimes overwhelm is temporary; other times, it can lead to persistent and unhealthy pressure and strain. The good news is that with the right mindset you can make the unmanageable feel manageable again. In this course from stress expert and performance coach Heidi Hanna, you can learn how to identify and conquer that overwhelmed feeling—so you can remain focused, productive, and in control in the face of whatever comes your way. Discover how to disrupt the stress circuit, cultivate calm and positive emotions, and take small, imperfect steps toward resolution. Heidi also provides tips for recognizing and preventing the overwhelm, so it doesn’t get out of control the next time you have too much to do. 

Avoiding Burnout Learn how to avoid burnout Prolonged periods of stress—related to your work, your home life, or your health—can lead to burnout. Burnout reduces our productivity and saps our energy, leaving us overwhelmed by everyday tasks and feeling increasingly cynical and resentful. In this course, Todd Dewett helps you recognize some of the most common causes of burnout, such as long hours, too much travel, tight deadlines, and no vacation, so that you can figure out how to prevent stress from building up. Plus, get tips for jump-starting your recovery and publicly owning your burnout experience.

Managing Stress
Learn to manage your stress A little stress can be motivational; a lot of stress can damage your health and your relationships. The good news is that with the right management techniques, you can reduce the amount of stress in your life. In this short course, Dr. Todd Dewett shares his tips for managing stress. Learn how to identify and assess your stress triggers, manage your responses more effectively, and make positive personal choices. 

Mindful Stress Management  Introduction to stress management Get a new approach to managing your relationship with on-the-job pressure with the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness strengthens your ability to deal with job-related tensions that can negatively impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this course, get strategies that can help you identify what causes you to feel pressure, how it gets expressed in your body, and how you can mitigate its negative effects. Discover techniques that can help you control your reactions and walk away from your life’s stressors. Cultivate a healthier relationship to anxiety by learning how to clear your mind and body from its manifestation. Plus, find out how to avoid the chronic strain of rumination and integrate meditation into your life as a habit.

EAP Articles 

 State Mandated Training for TWU Employees

  • Recognition and Prevention of Sexual Harassment with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Overview training 
    Required for all new TWU employees within 30 days of employment and supplemental training for all TWU Employees. (Every 2 years
  • State Mandated Ethics Training 
    Required for all new TWU employees and supplemental training for all TWU Employees. This training is now in Bridge, and you will receive weekly automated email reminders about these training requirements (Yearly).
  • Safety Training
    Risk Management requires employees to complete various safety and compliance training based on your position at TWU. This training is now in Bridge, and you will receive weekly automated email reminders about these training requirements.
  • Computer Security Training 
    Required for all new TWU employees and supplemental training for all TWU Employees. This training is now in Bridge, and you will receive weekly automated email reminders about these training requirements (Yearly).
  • Bursar Cash Handling Training
    Employees having cash handling responsibility are required to receive annual cash handling. This training is now in Bridge, and you will receive weekly automated email reminders about these training requirements (Yearly).

Other Training Available 

  • How to Access Your Payslips Learn how to access your payslips online. Also learn how to access TWU Employee Self Services items. 
  • How to Improve Communication COVID-19 has contributed to a rise in TWU employees working from home. This opens up the door to many communication problems, and many departments are feeling stressed about how to maintain healthy communication with employees during this time. This short presentation gives you ideas on how to maintain healthy communication.
  • Staying Connected: A Guide for Supervisors and Employees This presentation is designed to provide some additional tools for your existing toolbox to strengthen the following: Teamwork, Productivity, Social connections, and Wellbeing. The Teamwork section of the presentation provides information on Microsoft Teams, a user-friendly application provided by the University, to enhance workgroup collaboration. Open in Google SlidesPDF, or Power Point  
  • Supervisory Training Program Coming Soon
  • TWU Customer Service This presentation is used during NEO but can serve as a refresher for all TWU employees. Please make sure to follow the link on the last slide questions and information so that you can get credit for taking the training.

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