Common Questions

Can I apply for a job now, and upload my resume and cover letter later?
During the initial registration process, we strongly suggest you upload your resume, if you have one or a resume will be created for you in step 8 (How to Apply). Once a candidate submits the application, the hiring manager/search committee has access to your information immediately.

How do I apply if I don’t have a computer?
Applicants may use an iPad, smart phone or utilize local resources.

Do I always have to register each time I want to apply online?
No. Applicants only need to register once. You may log into the system at any time to update your personal information.

Can I change my login ID and email address I used to register?
You may change your password only.

What do I enter as the end date for my current job?
If you are still working at your current position/job you may leave the field blank.

What is the status of my application?
You can review the status of all applications by logging into iRecruitment and reviewing notifications on your home page. If your application status has changed, you will receive a notification from the system. If you have applied for numerous position, you may need to click on “Full List”.

Once I’ve submitted my application/resume, when will I be contacted?
If you are selected for an interview (telephone, Skype, on-campus), you will be contacted directly by the hiring department manager or their designee. Please allow 3 weeks to be contacted or to see a change in your application status.

How long does the application review process take?
The application process varies by department. Please continue to review your application status for updates.

My Application Status hasn’t changed yet. What does that mean?
1. The hiring manager/department has not yet reviewed your application.
2. The hiring manager/department has reviewed your application, but have not begun the interview process.
3. The position has been filled. If this is the case, your application status will be updated.

Are all applicants interviewed?
No. The hiring department/search committee will review applications and determine which candidates best match the requirements of the position.

I added a job to my wish list, but now I am unable to apply.
It is possible the hiring department/manager determined that the position had a sufficient applicant pool; therefore, they placed the position on hold and are not accepting additional applications or the position was recently filled.

What does the Application Status column mean?
Active Application: Your application has been successfully submitted and is in the review process.
Applied/Not Selected for Interview: The search committee reviewed your application and will not contact you for an interview.
Application Reviewed/Not Selected for Phone Interview: The search committee reviewed your application and you were not selected for a telephone interview.
Phone Screened/Not Selected for Interview: The search committee reviewed your application and conducted a telephone interview. Based on the telephone interview and other applications, you were not selected for an on campus interview.
Interviewed/Not Selected: Although you met the basic qualifications of the position, a different candidate was selected for the vacancy.

I need help. Who do I contact?
Myrna Flores, Manager of Recruitment  940-898-3557
Rhonda Redfearn, Sr. HR Generalist or 940-898-3554

Page last updated 10:19 AM, July 21, 2017